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  1. Inkcognito Proxy

    Inkcognito Proxy15 hours ago

    I like dominique, you can tell he grew up from watching the gentlemen of the game

  2. Ericc Halverson

    Ericc Halverson15 hours ago

    Dennis rodman hands down

  3. Cassius 2206

    Cassius 220616 hours ago

    Didn't Shaq at one point say it's never the coach's fault, it's the player's? And now he's saying it's not Giannis but the coach?

  4. Nate watson

    Nate watson16 hours ago

    TNT can we has full episodes? That’s all we want.

  5. Nate watson

    Nate watson16 hours ago

    Run through the tape kenny

  6. True Prophit

    True Prophit17 hours ago

    How has that worked out for Boston since? None of them are as good as Kyrie but they thought they were better.

  7. Jose Santiago

    Jose Santiago17 hours ago

    Draymond Dream 😴🤣

  8. King Brandon

    King Brandon17 hours ago

    Maybe some of the best I've ever seen! 4 masterpieces and my Italian guy over the top ❤️🇮🇹

  9. TheGlizz

    TheGlizz17 hours ago

    Lol do not retire his number dont be silly also

  10. R. Flash

    R. Flash17 hours ago

    Retire his number ok he was NOT that good.

  11. Rrreverenteee

    Rrreverenteee18 hours ago

    Why chuck look so little in this one 😂


    KREN PHARENG19 hours ago

    Knowaguy bobby🤣

  13. kfjvo

    kfjvo20 hours ago

    The best think about Chuck that he is probably the only one who can laugh at himself too

  14. BalistikYaBoy

    BalistikYaBoy21 hour ago

    This could’ve been Portland year...

  15. Blood Sugar

    Blood Sugar22 hours ago

    Kenny, thought you would have learned by now, you've gotta RUN TROUGH THE TAPE, BABY!

  16. Social Power

    Social Power22 hours ago

    When Shaq becomes the reasoning factor

  17. Will Donohue

    Will Donohue22 hours ago

    Jordan Clarkson was preparing for the pandemic in his play

  18. D W

    D W22 hours ago

    As usual. I agree with chuck 100% on everything he said (well, maybe not Washington being trouble lol)

  19. Dominicc Austinn

    Dominicc Austinn22 hours ago

    Candice Parker 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  20. WhereMyChicken

    WhereMyChicken23 hours ago

    Funny roast but totally undeserving of these four. A mercy roast, for sure. Don't you hate middle-aged men wearing suits and sneakers?

  21. Gurveen Singh

    Gurveen Singh23 hours ago

    Ernie 'Hood Tendencies' Johnson

  22. Yak

    Yak23 hours ago


  23. T.R.O.YAH!!!!!! Music

    T.R.O.YAH!!!!!! Music23 hours ago

    Aminu look like one of them candy canes you get on Christmas

  24. Anita Dawson

    Anita Dawson23 hours ago

    So happy he thought of him health.

  25. John Orona

    John Orona23 hours ago

    Watch 2:05 then 5:10

  26. Ben's awesome Trick shots

    Ben's awesome Trick shots23 hours ago

    Even though the Math isn’t there, Shaw’s way is still better. Less chance that you’ll run out of gas and you’ll always be closer to full meaning that if you do have to use more than expected, you’ll be fine.

  27. Matt Werner

    Matt WernerDay ago

    Kenny hypocritical in how he talks about Philly vs how he talks about Bucks. 😂

  28. Stockton Nash

    Stockton NashDay ago

    Nico is the whackest player in the association.

  29. Preston Dolman

    Preston DolmanDay ago

    Love Aldridge, pretty underrated for what he was, guy could ball. Glad he got out before he became a very unfortunate tragedy and hopefully this gave him several more years to spend with his family. All the roses for the man.

  30. Tawana Phillips

    Tawana PhillipsDay ago

    How many times is Shaq’s wardrobe changes

  31. Kyrie The Goat

    Kyrie The GoatDay ago

    one thing you notice kawhi Laugh is insane you can't find it easily at anywhere.

  32. kirkland wassabi

    kirkland wassabiDay ago

    Ernie is clearly the goat but chuck really makes the show much more entertaining with his humility to take jokes

  33. roco pelm

    roco pelmDay ago

    Shaq ifol

  34. Zenus

    ZenusDay ago

    I agree with chuck. Game is so boring to watch now. No one plays defense. Everyone wants to take 10000 threes a game. Btw, I’m 27.

  35. Joseph Horne

    Joseph HorneDay ago

    This is laughable considering Dwyane Wade is making millions of dollars from slavery camps in Xinjiang China. What about that Asian hate Dwyane?

  36. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyDay ago

    Steven Adams clapping after Marcus Smart play is hilarious

  37. Rafael Vega

    Rafael VegaDay ago

    The Blackberry!!!!!!! That's so hilarious!!!

  38. fox MIGO

    fox MIGODay ago

    Imagine if wilt is beside him on that stage that would be so amazing...

  39. BLink2fu

    BLink2fuDay ago

    Ernie's back! 😍🤓

  40. Austin Michael

    Austin MichaelDay ago

    Kenny really needs to stop wearing those kind of shoes with a suit. It looks weird.

  41. Jermonte Fenwick

    Jermonte FenwickDay ago

    Stay Faithful through any trials and tribulations John 16:33 Yeshua Blessings

  42. Packrat 13 Card Breaks

    Packrat 13 Card BreaksDay ago

    Shaq really broke the "score" off the bucket just like he broke backboards lol

  43. Daryl Paulk

    Daryl PaulkDay ago

    So.let me get this straight...Chuck wants to root AGAINST guys teaming up together when HE THE DREAM AND SCOTTIE trying the ONE YEAR MISTAKE in HOUSTON... so because his try was a debacle he's going to always root against it🤦🏾‍♂️😆😆😆

  44. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiDay ago

    This episode has really high quality lol

  45. irishgrl

    irishgrlDay ago

    I remember the Grandaddy of ALL the wrestling shows BIG TIME WRESTLING! With Pat Patterson, Ray Stevens, Peter Maievia, Moon Dog Maine, The Rock’s father Rocky Johnson, Haystack Calhoun, and later on Roddy Piper & Hulk Hogan Me & my dad would watch every Saturday afternoon!

  46. Adam Carpenter

    Adam CarpenterDay ago

    Like Clyde the Glide once said about Jordan, “ he’s a pros pro. I mean, we even like seeing him play when we’re not playing against him.”

  47. Sukhwinder Singh

    Sukhwinder SinghDay ago

    Man when i saw Reggie hop with the ball in the game!! it just automatically reminded me of Shaqtin!!

  48. Raining Storm23

    Raining Storm23Day ago


  49. I Got That PMA

    I Got That PMADay ago

    Bill Russell Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

  50. Eddie Bednarczyk

    Eddie BednarczykDay ago

    George Carlin is the goat of comedy BTW.

  51. Wem’K

    Wem’KDay ago

    What is Ian flexing tho..

  52. yuyuzfool yuyuzfool

    yuyuzfool yuyuzfoolDay ago


  53. Philip McDonald

    Philip McDonaldDay ago

    Kenny is such an idiot for his take on the Spurs not fouling

  54. Master_Chief Legendary

    Master_Chief LegendaryDay ago

    Surely one of the best PF since he started career. If not the best.

  55. Daniel Robinson

    Daniel RobinsonDay ago

    Kennys legs are built for cornering he’s got camber

  56. David Britt Affiliates

    David Britt AffiliatesDay ago

    Stay tune, same channel,

  57. Sky Wil

    Sky WilDay ago

    👍Please keep this team together. Classic forever

  58. JB Skeet

    JB SkeetDay ago

    He smart, he still get a ring if they win.

  59. Ghost Cookie

    Ghost CookieDay ago

    That’s a joke

  60. Muhammad Iqbal Ahmad

    Muhammad Iqbal AhmadDay ago

    Happy to see Candace every post game show 💜💛 #Purple&Gold

  61. Luis Diaz

    Luis DiazDay ago

    Please stop inviting d wade to sub in 👏🏽

  62. V Beard

    V BeardDay ago

    Didn't Shaq say coaching has nothing to do with it?

  63. Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo MartinezDay ago

    What are people gonna say now ? 😂 meanwhile LA super jacked up && nobody saying anything

  64. Midas Touch

    Midas TouchDay ago

    Hopefully he’ll leave us like Pete Maravich did, playing ball

  65. C Black

    C BlackDay ago

    Draymond is a beast defender. Ain't too many that literally can defend all 5 positions and do it well. Including the post.

  66. Shut up

    Shut upDay ago

    Budenholzer and the coaching staff should be fired if the Bucks aren't good in the post season. This is their third chance to hopefully prove they can work around the wall the opposition teams build around Giannis. Their roster is very good and them being the underdogs compared to Philly and Brooklyn might help them.

  67. Tin_Man_Ton

    Tin_Man_TonDay ago

    Anothet what If. This dude was special. Way ahead of his time. A point guard/shooting guard/small forward all rolled into one.

  68. Black Rider

    Black RiderDay ago

    When D Wade said “the organization uses the media, to get their messages there ain’t no leaks the leaks is coming from the organization ” I really never thought of that

  69. damnation

    damnationDay ago

    kenan kills outside snl too

  70. Kole World

    Kole WorldDay ago

    Kenny knees bent inwards

  71. Mysterio 6996

    Mysterio 6996Day ago

    Barkley : Never been a fan of players teaming up to win Championships In 1997 Barkley goes on to do exactly that . Barkley teams up with Drexler and Olajuwan in a trade Barkley orchestrated to ring chase probably .

  72. Ball-Steve Johnson

    Ball-Steve JohnsonDay ago

    Even in this serious video I can't stop staring at Kenny's hairline!

  73. jonzstar

    jonzstarDay ago

    Chuck is so correct. The NBA is boring now with no defense and all 3's. No strategy anylonger.

  74. Darwin Bradecina

    Darwin BradecinaDay ago

    Poor kenny. Always barking the achievement of the dream hakeem 😂😂

  75. Jason Estrada

    Jason EstradaDay ago

    Nobody can mistake LeBron James forehead to anyone else!!! Lol

  76. ursa Brown

    ursa BrownDay ago

    Kenny smith is salty...stop trying to be so smart are not. Chuck is better..

  77. Marshal Tito

    Marshal TitoDay ago

    EJ walked so Caruso could run 💯

  78. Anthony Williams

    Anthony WilliamsDay ago

    Facts man

  79. Jay Torres

    Jay TorresDay ago

    So half of the earth's population is starving for food & this is what inside the nba comes up with! Delicious food on sneakers 😂👀

  80. w chan

    w chanDay ago

    Go back to the retirement home Chuck.