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  1. Cesar Estrada

    Cesar Estrada2 hours ago

    Ej gotta nice shot

  2. Anas Aljindi

    Anas Aljindi2 hours ago

    Idk why people are still asking this question

  3. postman aka bluestrip

    postman aka bluestrip2 hours ago

    My kings are underplaying busta

  4. Tim Atkinson

    Tim Atkinson2 hours ago

    These all times arguments are a joke to me. There was Wilt, then Kareem, then Hakeem, then Shack . Then there was Bob with Boston, then the Big O. then Magic, then Michael, then Steph!!! Come on, it does not end. Then came Bird!!! I’ll leave it there, with all due respects to many other great players.

  5. Progress NotPerfection

    Progress NotPerfection2 hours ago


  6. Noah Hanser-Young

    Noah Hanser-Young2 hours ago

    This is by far the best basketball convo I've heard them had. This is where their expertise really lies.

  7. Le Champion

    Le Champion2 hours ago

    Never get tired of hearing this story.😂😂😂 « Hey man, whatever your name is... »

  8. andromark borno

    andromark borno2 hours ago

    Steph is the best in the league

  9. Jason Stubbs

    Jason Stubbs2 hours ago

    Klay wasn’t a great player in 2015, he was good but nobody viewed him as great yet

  10. Foolish Waize

    Foolish Waize3 hours ago

    Nothing will top Shaq driving to the moon

  11. DZA305

    DZA3053 hours ago

    U Dade 40🔥🔥 Mr 305

  12. dis pater

    dis pater3 hours ago

    He's been the GOAT shooter since 2016 imo

  13. rizzolovesryan

    rizzolovesryan4 hours ago

    At least Kimmel’s teeth are funny. Still, not as funny as the teeth of Letterman.

  14. hhuang

    hhuang4 hours ago

    you know Ernie is straight-up ghetto for being the only one trying the BBQ shake. Kenny, Chuckster, and Shaq = cluck, cluck, cluck! =)

  15. Mik Hail

    Mik Hail4 hours ago

    Shaq don't like Jokic because he is like a Steve Nash in center position.

  16. John Doe

    John Doe4 hours ago

    NBA TNT is a lobbyists firm against Steph Curry and the Warriors. They've lobbied for a "big man" this year instead of the "right man." And that's Steph Curry.

  17. Zoso

    Zoso4 hours ago

    When that hot sign on you gost to stop

  18. leonard thompson

    leonard thompson4 hours ago

    Great cast on TNT. With Candace Parker Dwayne Wade Shaq. And Adam.

  19. A A

    A A5 hours ago

    I swear NBA Officials probably ask Lebron to issue comments just so NBA stays relevant on the news.

  20. The guy in the steam room

    The guy in the steam room5 hours ago

    They are all haters Chuck. THE TOWELS WERE ON!

  21. 5thcorps

    5thcorps6 hours ago

    NOTHING about her is funny. What a waste of space.

  22. AdamWest

    AdamWest6 hours ago

    Fun fact: shaq doesn't like foreign player ever since Yao ming got the all star starting position over him

  23. Russ Catt

    Russ Catt6 hours ago

    Of course they don't believe in Crypto Coin...they got big time millions

  24. NateLion - HouseTours

    NateLion - HouseTours6 hours ago

    *tiny bottle*

  25. noitall man

    noitall man6 hours ago

    Whoever came up with the play in idea and format should not only get fired, but they should have to come on this show and explain themselves.

  26. Claire Goes Mgtow !

    Claire Goes Mgtow !7 hours ago

    Honestly is not popular 😃. Book was likely more accurate then not.

  27. Florian A

    Florian A7 hours ago

    Proud moment for Auburn seeing their graduate show off in his field of expertise :D

  28. Scott Simpkins

    Scott Simpkins7 hours ago

    I wish they were on every night. Toooooooo funny man! Lol Kenny : whos on first “ lol

  29. Lorenzo Dawkins

    Lorenzo Dawkins7 hours ago

    Play in tournament is a money grab and a silly idea.

  30. Muni Math by Peter Felton

    Muni Math by Peter Felton7 hours ago

    Certainly in the West, there are a bunch of others who are at the top of the conference who have yet to win championships as franchises: the Jazz, Suns, Clippers, and Nuggets. And in the East: the Sixers, Bucks, Nets and Knicks franchises have not won titles in a long long time, or ever. Yep, this year’s postseason is going to be gritty on both sides of the country! Should (hopefully) be some good games to watch for all matchups!

  31. Rafet jabeen

    Rafet jabeen8 hours ago

    Lol I love that bit Kenny and shaq do in the beginning

  32. Happines With less S

    Happines With less S8 hours ago

    Im here to read comments that luka isnt the roty

  33. John Doughnut

    John Doughnut8 hours ago

    Adorable lol

  34. Alexander DaGreat

    Alexander DaGreat8 hours ago

    Tell him to do his kahl malone bit

  35. Cesco

    Cesco9 hours ago

    Chuck's explanation is savagely on point, though. :-D

  36. Cesco

    Cesco9 hours ago

    If Lebuy wouldn't have started the whole superteam thing the NBA would have been in a great place on a leaguewide competitive level. All this Superteaming-up leads to narratives you'll be forgotten if you don't win championships, which is bogus which only leads to another superteam in the East now as well, diminishing the importance of the regular season cause these superteams are gonna sweep everybody come playoff time. It's actually not the regular season's importance that's diminished, it's the importance of the playoffs themselves. Stop the superteams and look how great the regular season is gonna be and so will be the first two rounds of the playoffs.

  37. C Gravely

    C Gravely9 hours ago

    7 should face 10 and 8 should face 9

  38. o0pigpig0o

    o0pigpig0o9 hours ago

    Kevin Love hates his own team very much

  39. Errol Anthony Respicio

    Errol Anthony Respicio9 hours ago

    Shaq made this show very entertaining, it was already dead until he came in

  40. 34 Gaming

    34 Gaming9 hours ago

    Not even a warriors fan but cant wait until klay comes back

  41. Justin Humphrey

    Justin Humphrey9 hours ago

    Blacks Mexicans and native Americans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ..

  42. Manan Gupta

    Manan Gupta10 hours ago

    I'll watch this forever!!

  43. mkingms

    mkingms10 hours ago

    0:58 Shaqtin a Pool

  44. Athanasios Matsolas

    Athanasios Matsolas10 hours ago

    Chuck launched 1 Karen and won the video...

  45. AnimeNerd

    AnimeNerd10 hours ago

    from the side he look like elon musk

  46. Matt Umbenhauer

    Matt Umbenhauer10 hours ago

    “Come on, man”

  47. It Ain't Over Yeti

    It Ain't Over Yeti10 hours ago

    If you need to stack your team, you shouldn't be in the running for mvp. Just a thought.

  48. buck

    buck11 hours ago

    punch down to win on them machines

  49. Ragna V

    Ragna V11 hours ago

    I was looking back at this episode, 8 months after. Nothing's changed. Only the sitting president. Also, a lot of asian hate were perpetrated by african americans, kicking old asian ladies in the gutt, kicking old people who they knew would not be able to fight back. Pushing unsuspecting asian people, punching them in the face. I also saw a news a few months ago, an asian whose face was slashed by a blade. What an irony. The ones who were persecuted, are the same ones who persecute.

  50. Kofi Brooks

    Kofi Brooks11 hours ago

    Kenny ALWAYS got an excuse

  51. Alexandru Surlin

    Alexandru Surlin11 hours ago

    Talking about things that are undebatable already

  52. Karan Phull

    Karan Phull11 hours ago

    Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Anyone can do what he does or better. Just takes ONE person. If not today then tomorrow 🤷🏽‍♂️

  53. Marko

    Marko12 hours ago


  54. Phobos

    Phobos12 hours ago

    Play in game is great. People keep saying that they earn their spot. Now you don't, the rules have changed. Get use to it.

  55. Jae Austin

    Jae Austin12 hours ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a liberal lunatic who gets paid to push divisive messages

  56. cristino flores

    cristino flores12 hours ago

    0:52 look at curry man so inspirational

  57. Big Sean

    Big Sean12 hours ago

    *1:56* and then *2:30* 😂😂

  58. Kit Yancy Poloyapoy

    Kit Yancy Poloyapoy13 hours ago

    Love that reaction 😂😂😂 1:22

  59. Angelo Rodriguez

    Angelo Rodriguez13 hours ago

    Someone commented that "he's a great finisher with both hands"

  60. EndyDearEndy

    EndyDearEndy13 hours ago

    and 3 years later i got back the notification after Westbrook break big'O's record of triple double. LET'S GO RUSS

  61. Andre Reeves

    Andre Reeves14 hours ago

    yo i creid laughin.. lol i friggin love these guys so much..

  62. Stefan Lukić

    Stefan Lukić15 hours ago

    Shaq taking trash all time maaan, i can't believe, always Jokic over Embiid

  63. Carbies Chronicles

    Carbies Chronicles15 hours ago

    Kimmel is a left wing lunatic...

  64. Anthony

    Anthony15 hours ago

    He’s the MVP

  65. Manne Di

    Manne Di15 hours ago

    Agree with Kenny on the play-in tournament. 7th seed should not be a part of it.

  66. Cold Stoney

    Cold Stoney15 hours ago

    Somebody save this video God blessing the New York Knicks 🙏🏾

  67. Dumb Dumber

    Dumb Dumber16 hours ago

    There are a whole bunch of better ones. MJ, Bird and Petrovic... just to name a few. Just because modern day NBA defence is trash does not mean the shooters are better.

  68. Johnny Chang

    Johnny Chang16 hours ago

    Ej smuggling grapes , bogey using his head

  69. Bryan Valley

    Bryan Valley16 hours ago

    Not sure why this was in my recommended, but these gentlemen look so oppressed! Trump, Save America!

  70. Dj Tenders

    Dj Tenders17 hours ago

    michael b jordan is 5'3"

  71. Fa Rid

    Fa Rid17 hours ago

    Can we stop asking this question?

  72. Oumar Nassir

    Oumar Nassir17 hours ago

    I like joel embiid is beautiful to watch but joker is mvp this year no doubt

  73. Joshua Megrenio

    Joshua Megrenio17 hours ago


  74. NBA Starters

    NBA Starters18 hours ago

    Kevin Love - I didn't know he was still playin'. -Right!?

  75. dhiraj22881

    dhiraj2288118 hours ago

    When u see KH .. u cant stop laughing 😂

  76. Carbies Chronicles

    Carbies Chronicles18 hours ago

    guess what, i can name 10 players better than Shaq... NBA was around a long time before he played and will be around long after he is dead and forgotten...

  77. Michael Datuin

    Michael Datuin19 hours ago


  78. Hardcastle

    Hardcastle20 hours ago