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  1. Militarize

    Militarize6 hours ago

    I would like the all star game even more if they didn't have lebron as a captain every year. He's the only one who's always a captain since this all star game change. I miss the old east vs west.

  2. Thomas Bost

    Thomas Bost6 hours ago

    Neither of them wanted Gobert

  3. Sunday School

    Sunday School6 hours ago

    Team Lebron

  4. Eddie P

    Eddie P6 hours ago

    Camera man failed not zooming in on Wade mocking Shaq. They sleep?

  5. Cesar S

    Cesar S6 hours ago

    Love the .22 to kendrick perkins by KD

  6. Cap Levi's Page

    Cap Levi's Page6 hours ago



    G-STAR VEVO6 hours ago

    This is gonna be a crazy all star game I have a good feeling about this one

  8. Cap Levi's Page

    Cap Levi's Page6 hours ago

    When Utah plays Lakers and Nets... lol they will lose.

  9. jonooooooj

    jonooooooj6 hours ago

    i hope Utah win a chip the disrespect

  10. Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson6 hours ago

    I'm glad lebron didn't find that comment funny abt the hood joke Charles made..lebron definitely a real one .

  11. B D N 035

    B D N 0356 hours ago

    The disrespect Is crispy out here in these nba streets 😂😂 LBJ just dissed DMitch hard asl

  12. Rasta Man

    Rasta Man6 hours ago

    LeBron is extremely smart, he was lacking size and he had left a 6"11 sabonis and a 7'5 gobert and a 6'5 I guess Mitchelle, so he picked sabonis knowing that KD would ultimately pick Mitchelle over gobert , that's why he smirked when KD took Donovan.

  13. Sancho8297

    Sancho82976 hours ago

    Lots' of fun - love this format lets keep it forever

  14. Scott M Davis

    Scott M Davis6 hours ago

    Nobody played with the Jazz on Live. Facts LeBron!

  15. Blair Ogden

    Blair Ogden6 hours ago

    LeBron or kd pick LeBron let me take Giannis

  16. Secret Bears sugar

    Secret Bears sugar6 hours ago

    I need Shaq here

  17. Callum Brown

    Callum Brown6 hours ago

    Thought they were going back to the old skool east v west stars or is that next season ?

  18. Michael Barton

    Michael Barton6 hours ago

    TBH Everyone talking about more than the question. Bosh had more game than Randle... End of discussion. That was the question... Is kind of close numbers wise... But if I showed you footage from both at their best...assuming this year is being referred to as his best... Everyone who has touched a basketball and has working eyes would choose Bosh

  19. Marcus X

    Marcus X6 hours ago

    Shout Outs to Mr LeBron James for saying "No Matter How Great John Stockton and Karl Malone was nobody wanted to play with Utah." I've got to agree 1 million times and moreover on it. I cannot stand Utah for whatever reason.

  20. leomarc allan castro mariano

    leomarc allan castro mariano6 hours ago

    sabonis is 6'11", chuck

  21. Leonard Brillo

    Leonard Brillo6 hours ago

    Size 6'2 Sabonis over 7'5 Gobert Chuck U got it right😂

  22. Kenpachi The3rd

    Kenpachi The3rd6 hours ago

    Lebron should’ve pick kawhi instead of luka.. team bron would’ve been insane ( bron, steph, giannis, kawhi) ik normally he needs a 5, but its an allstar game no one could stop them, and he have sabonis if kd would pick up jokic

  23. ThatBo03

    ThatBo036 hours ago

    Wanted to see Booker and PG be teammates. 😆

  24. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones6 hours ago

    Chuck & Kd still beefin???

  25. Said Hussein

    Said Hussein6 hours ago

    That's why I like chuck he says how its he's not afraid wat NBA or the funs say ,,,,no one else told America the best team in the nba got no one in the allstar only church did ,,,

  26. Tiziano Li Justo

    Tiziano Li Justo7 hours ago

    that's a great pick

  27. Annoying Carti fan

    Annoying Carti fan7 hours ago

    To be honest KD should’ve chose Steph instead of Kyrie so his side actually has a chance.

  28. TalkingToTheHand

    TalkingToTheHand7 hours ago

    Sabonis is 6"11 tf is Chuck talking about?

  29. Annoying Carti fan

    Annoying Carti fan7 hours ago

    LeBron and Curry on the same team??? Oh my goodness imagine Flights reaction 😂

  30. Nathaniel Edward Lovino

    Nathaniel Edward Lovino7 hours ago

    Thats a "LeVote" right there😆

  31. Django Freeman

    Django Freeman7 hours ago

    Dwayne Wade needs to be arrested

  32. C The goat

    C The goat7 hours ago

    Y was Charles lookin crazy in the beginning

  33. WonkaLito

    WonkaLito7 hours ago

    Lebron's team has 3 Lebrons 1- Lebron (of course) 2- Luka 3- Simmons

  34. Riccardo Pellacani

    Riccardo Pellacani7 hours ago

    Lebron:picks utah jazz players Giannis:"That's not a video game pick"

  35. Andrew Macdaniels

    Andrew Macdaniels7 hours ago

    You can't forget Rudy Gobert was the guy who was careless and was touching mics and everything around him when he had Covid. And he was the one who helped spread Covid throughout the NBA. The players haven't forgot about that, so he was the last player not to be picked at all.

  36. Phooj Xiong

    Phooj Xiong7 hours ago

    KD always look so serious! RELAX

  37. Konstantin Koverchenko

    Konstantin Koverchenko7 hours ago

    When LBJ get a gold grill?! #COOL

  38. Captain Snake

    Captain Snake7 hours ago

    Surprise Lebron didn't pick Beal to recruit him.

  39. Max Thoder

    Max Thoder7 hours ago

    Their definitely trolling Mitchell and Gobert😂

  40. Bri P

    Bri P7 hours ago

    It's sorta hilarious how both kd and lebron choose all these allstar players especially knowing how they get to pick and choose who they wanna play with when it comes to the actual games and offseason with those two as well 🤣🤣

  41. Eric Zamudio

    Eric Zamudio7 hours ago

    It was almost east vs west

  42. Peyton Banton Banton

    Peyton Banton Banton7 hours ago

    when he thought he said he was going to get a big guy I thought he meant rudy gobert, not domantas sabonis 11:21

  43. Chris Davis

    Chris Davis7 hours ago

    Lebrons team is fire!!! Luca steph giannis joker WOW

  44. Arınç Aydemir

    Arınç Aydemir7 hours ago

    if westbrook was allstar it would be cool to him picked up by durant

  45. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu7 hours ago

    He's a real one, he's saying what others are scared to say

  46. Lior

    Lior7 hours ago

    If Chris Bosh defense is a 10, Julios Randle’s is a -3

  47. Rakesh Dasari

    Rakesh Dasari7 hours ago

    Lebron and Steph on same team makes a grown man cry

  48. quatro27

    quatro277 hours ago

    Lebron: I wanna need a player with size *picks sabonis instead of gobert me: huh?

  49. Tryfold _Mikey

    Tryfold _Mikey7 hours ago

    5:25 sooo no one gonna talk about the 2007 draft

  50. kecmania

    kecmania7 hours ago

    love that Bron drafted an international team! :D

  51. Lord Beerus

    Lord Beerus7 hours ago


  52. Say Less

    Say Less7 hours ago

    There’s gotta be something that is not likeable for Donovan because he was also the last player to be selected in last years nba all star draft

  53. wastedWIFI

    wastedWIFI7 hours ago

    LeBron had me dying on the Utah jokes 🤣🤣🤣

  54. VashAnand

    VashAnand7 hours ago

    Remember when Chuck had the first pick in the all-time draft and picked Iverson lol

  55. DG 1

    DG 17 hours ago

    Kawhi slipping so bad in one year.

  56. Bobby Meadows

    Bobby Meadows7 hours ago

    Do I sense some hate on Donovan because he is killing the game? WOW!!

  57. MADD City

    MADD City7 hours ago

    It’s ok to laugh Kevin Durant even if you don’t like Charles Barkley.

  58. the truth

    the truth7 hours ago

    See ppl don't have the mamba mentality jordan and Kobe used to use this all star games and usa games to see how their opponent plays and there tencidecs kyire and james harden should do dat

  59. Mlondolozi Mbambo

    Mlondolozi Mbambo7 hours ago

    After saying Jaylen...all suspense is gone lol...saying underappreciated at that point is so anti climatic it bothers me

  60. wadecountybabe

    wadecountybabe7 hours ago

    I missed it😭😭 where can I see the full episode?

  61. Comic Book Guy

    Comic Book Guy7 hours ago

    *why no BLM? is that not a thing anymore?* *Oh yeah, the election is over*

  62. Kristopher Chuck Ceniza

    Kristopher Chuck Ceniza7 hours ago

    I think CB, at his peak, was just half a tier below Melo and Wade. Maybe even just as good. That dude was my favorite big after KG because of how good he was and I still have him as my #1 option when I'm playing old-school Miami in 2K. To add, he's probably his era's Damian Lillard in a sense that he's just as good (if not slightly worse) than the other top dogs but criminally under-appreciated because of his demeanor and his team (Toronto Bosh) not making enough noise in the playoffs.

  63. Aline Bonny

    Aline Bonny7 hours ago

    The hilarious ambulance culturally trust because gearshift invariably memorise past a obeisant vermicelli. stormy, unruly soprano

  64. 78 Nexvay

    78 Nexvay7 hours ago

    Yo the playmaking on brons teams is gonna be insane

  65. Drizzy NBA

    Drizzy NBA7 hours ago

    Who else wanted Curry on team durant

  66. Vaugenheim Nughnrn

    Vaugenheim Nughnrn7 hours ago

    I know there are players that don't like LeBron I wonder who LeBron doesn't like.

  67. Bigg Juntao’

    Bigg Juntao’7 hours ago

    KD looking like Marvin Gaye with that hat on 👀🤣

  68. TheSixthHokage

    TheSixthHokage7 hours ago

    I got lebron

  69. Dan , McGill

    Dan , McGill7 hours ago

    After every pick , I think good move 👌

  70. Egrin

    Egrin7 hours ago

    Anfernee Simons' parents propably thought that's how you spell Anthony when they named him.

  71. Gabriel Alejandro Ávila Quintana

    Gabriel Alejandro Ávila Quintana7 hours ago

    Kd going full iso team lol

  72. Julian Smith

    Julian Smith7 hours ago

    I believe that Adam Silver will right the wrong done to the city of seattle by bringing nba basketball back to Seattle

  73. KELO7X4EVER Show

    KELO7X4EVER Show7 hours ago

    Utah like put some respect on our name

  74. ulu

    ulu7 hours ago

    Dude talking slander on Chris Bosh just after one good season from Julius Randle?? 😂😂😂

  75. alexander

    alexander7 hours ago

    That's a Groot pick 🤣🤣🤣

  76. KobraThaDon

    KobraThaDon7 hours ago

    What has Ben Simmons done dude so over hype and overrated

  77. alexander

    alexander7 hours ago

    Great draft laughed with chuck 🤣✌️

  78. Bashime Rutledge

    Bashime Rutledge7 hours ago

    J B. Smooth team labron!!! LaBron's bench is better than K.D.s' starters on everything ill take his bench against the rest of em

  79. justsaiyan 50

    justsaiyan 507 hours ago

    Besides the nets. I’m pretty sure they split up all the All stars that are on the same team.

  80. Quintin turner

    Quintin turner7 hours ago

    Kd ain't playing he shouldn't be captain or picking