Flash It Forward: 2:23 Foundation | NBA on TNT Tuesday

On this edition of Flash It Forward, we spotlight the 2:23 Foundation and their #FinishTheRun Virtual Global Run that raises money to support minorities in social justice advocacy.
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  1. jdp 90five

    jdp 90five14 days ago

    223 like skull and bones?

  2. ACE

    ACE15 days ago

    Yooooo Brunswick we made it on the NBA

  3. Xariir Axmed official

    Xariir Axmed official15 days ago

    Keep going

  4. Allen BM

    Allen BM15 days ago

    Keep that positive energy flowing

  5. Jade Haughton

    Jade Haughton15 days ago

    Potential energy turns into kinetic energy 👍

  6. Jade Haughton

    Jade Haughton15 days ago


  7. Tom From myspace

    Tom From myspace16 days ago


  8. Star Badger

    Star Badger16 days ago

    Brunswick!!!!! Alright now. Made it on TNT #RIPAhmaud

  9. Андрей Фёдоров

    Андрей Фёдоров16 days ago

    0:45 vom.gen.in

  10. Joe D.

    Joe D.16 days ago

    Real change will take place when successful black and brown Americans stay (live) in black and brown communities invest their time and resources. When successful men and women focus and teach to get married and stay married. Children need their father to be around! Go and do a survey how many black and brown kids have a father around. This is very difficult to change, no doubt.

  11. Jade Haughton

    Jade Haughton15 days ago


  12. Slamz Dunk

    Slamz Dunk16 days ago

    @Liberal Tears You're not going to fool one single person with your nonsense. You're wasting your time. Go fishing or something.

  13. Liberal Tears

    Liberal Tears16 days ago

    @Slamz Dunk its true. Blm is asking for segregation. You could hear their supporters screaming for it. And some sports fans asking for separate leagues. You wanting an only black league is called segregation. Regardless of how you want to phrase it.

  14. World Tree202

    World Tree20216 days ago

    I agree with this to an extent, and a big part of the family structure is financial security, poor spousal decision making, poor criminal justice system, and unsafe environments which are direct results of lack of quality education and favorable financial positions. But a lot of the successful colored individuals opt not to build up their communities, non colored people do too but their communities need them far less.

  15. Slamz Dunk

    Slamz Dunk16 days ago

    @Liberal Tears You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

  16. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson16 days ago


  17. RPM

    RPM16 days ago

    My man on the right must be on the Barkley diet