D-Wade and Shaq React to Draymond Green's Comments About Players On the Trading Block | NBA on TNT

Dwyane Wade and Shaq react to Draymond Green's comments about the treatment of players like Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin who are on the trading block.
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  1. rrichier2011

    rrichier20113 hours ago

    It's just like cops!! Innocent people get castrated and the cops walk!!!

  2. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu7 hours ago

    He's a real one, he's saying what others are scared to say

  3. Joe Reymundo

    Joe Reymundo21 hour ago

    Your not speaking the whole truth Dwayne wade. Fans can get mad at certain athletes because of the situation they created. If they put their best effort and help the team we won’t get mad if they leave a little later. Even though I don’t like Westbrook look at him, or Kevin garnet or Paul pierce. It’s a two way street, other then that there is a lot of truth as to why people only get mad at player but again that’s cuz your public figures and they are suits behind a desk unless it’s a high profile gm like pat Riley.

  4. G Man

    G Man23 hours ago

    Another spoiled privileged athlete that gets anything he wants and still cries no wonder the nba ratings keep dipping

  5. Kiki Fortunat Nkulu

    Kiki Fortunat NkuluDay ago

    It is about business so our players have to learn to get their stuff in order and be ready for their own good.

  6. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu7 hours ago

    It’s business. Don’t like how it’s going, get out of the league.

  7. Yo-yolicious

    Yo-yoliciousDay ago

    I applaud Draymond for speaking up and taking up for his fellow NBA brethren.👏🏽👏🏽

  8. Thomas Folarin

    Thomas FolarinDay ago

    He spoke his mind and said what’s true I respect that 💯

  9. Mac Dee

    Mac DeeDay ago

    Not that when fans send death threats if you don’t win like players have it hard with money comes great bs

  10. Ike Jones

    Ike JonesDay ago

    I don't care that much about the problems of elite NBA players. Shut up and play....or don't!

  11. Chris G

    Chris GDay ago

    Castrated? He really couldn't use a better word?

  12. Mahamed Ahmed

    Mahamed AhmedDay ago

    the NBA system is built like slavery matter of fact all sports nothing new you obey your Masters or you getting starved to death.

  13. Not Important

    Not ImportantDay ago

    i understand every word of what green is saying, but here is where he is WRONG.... it is NOT about fairness, employees and emploYERS are not the same.... and only one of the 2 creates the rules... that's how it goes... if a player doesn't like it, his only move is NOT TO PLAY, to be out of the league... and that doesn't really destroy the league, but it does destroy his career.... if the organization doesn't like something they get rid of the player and life goes on.... you cannot have the 2 entities be treated equally because THEY ARE NOT EQUAL... if you hire a contractor to fix your house or build you something, you decide what the rules are, the contractor can choose not to accept your rules and then he doesn't get employed and you look for someone else... but if he does accept the job, he accepts the "Rules" you've set, it's a one way relationship... harshly speaking i get green's frustration and he is right on an emotional level, but he is not right in any practical sense

  14. Paul Fiore

    Paul FioreDay ago

    Really, NOBODY cares about how millionaire NBA players are "treated". Try a 9 - 5. Green needs to just sit down and thank God he was born with his skills

  15. Est. 1982

    Est. 1982Day ago

    Millions of unemployed Americans who don't give AF about millionaire athletes complaining about being traded to make Millions in another city... Nice to see Dwade looking like he's in Miami and not L.A.

  16. Derek Dalton

    Derek Dalton2 days ago

    Absolutely. 100% truth

  17. Ray

    Ray2 days ago

    Real talk

  18. Chaplain Win

    Chaplain Win2 days ago

    But James called the NFL slaves, okay Green is The Trutha

  19. sagemode Mason

    sagemode Mason2 days ago

    I knew there was a reason why I still liked Draymond. Even though he use to kick ppl in the groin lol

  20. Christian Manriquez

    Christian Manriquez2 days ago

    I love Dray. I dislike ppl who see Dray as an uneducated fool, when in reality he should become a Congressman.

  21. Ken S

    Ken S2 days ago

    It’s business. Don’t like how it’s going, get out of the league.

  22. Marcus Sky

    Marcus SkyDay ago

    Don’t cry 😭 when players get trades to better teams🥴

  23. Alan Chen

    Alan Chen2 days ago

    These are good conversations

  24. Mr. Simon

    Mr. Simon2 days ago

    Man draymond is a real brotha gor speaking up

  25. Greg Anderson

    Greg Anderson2 days ago

    The organization/company does what it wants. Period. When you become the boss you can do whatever you want. That's life. He can switch jobs with me and I'll take his salary.

  26. Ali A

    Ali A2 days ago

    You making millions of dollars and want to complain about athletes being stuck in contracts they signed. Theres actual people in this world that are struggling to make a buck or working countless hours and never have the time to spend with there children. I like Draymond but I cant agree with him on this topic at all. It makes you look bad and selfish on your part. You need to acknowledge the fact most NBA Players multi-millionaries. You have no reason to complain at all. No one is gonna feel bad for NBA players. You guys are starting to be seriously entitled.

  27. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty2 days ago

    Broken Clock is right Twice a Day! For once I agree with Dray.

  28. Shock Toast

    Shock Toast3 days ago

    U know it's sad when a fan tells you, u getting traded 🤦🏻‍♂️

  29. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty2 days ago

    Aye facts bruh 💯

  30. Shock Toast

    Shock Toast3 days ago

    Draymond bout to get release or traded.

  31. DaiDai Tv

    DaiDai Tv3 days ago

    Shaq say don’t take it personal but that’s true but it’s hard for ppl because they probably have families and stuff gotta move an stuff that could be fuckimg stressful fr

  32. M V

    M V3 days ago

    99% of active NBA players make millions of dollars. If I was an average player I'd play 5 years, retire and start my own company. The owner deserves billions of dollars because all of the negative fallout goes on them. I don't feel bad about NBA players, I do feel bad for college basketball players. A degree is useless unless you need a license like teaching, social worker,etc.... I don't think college players are aware of there value to the NBA. Hardest league to get into compared to the other top 5 sports.

  33. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo3 days ago

    He just described every work place ever. You have to put in your two weeks notice if you want to quit but your employer can let you go with no warning at all.


    JMJ SPORTS & FITNESS3 days ago

    I agree with Draymond Green 100%.

  35. Sagittarian King

    Sagittarian King3 days ago

    Respect Is Everything*****

  36. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson3 days ago

    Wade real too

  37. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo3 days ago

    That y I have respect for Mr Green he said it like it is,respect my General.

  38. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson3 days ago

    The realest... I swear that man really say what's real

  39. Mack B

    Mack B3 days ago

    Love it

  40. stillwill2215

    stillwill22153 days ago

    Wade sharp as a tack.

  41. stillwill2215

    stillwill22153 days ago

    Draymond Green is right. Very well spoken.

  42. Smoke FK

    Smoke FK3 days ago

    Draymond said it square. Coming from a non Draymond fan.

  43. Michael Demchak

    Michael Demchak3 days ago

    The thing is, while the millennials have come into power, we are destroying that “Shape up or Ship out” mentality. Gen X are our parents. They thought this way and were too scared to act, so they raised us this way. What’s happening, is we are creating true equality in all areas of life.

  44. DT ONYX o24

    DT ONYX o243 days ago

    Aye facts bruh 💯

  45. Glenn Gamut

    Glenn Gamut4 days ago

    Broken Clock is right Twice a Day! For once I agree with Dray.

  46. Tye

    Tye4 days ago

    Equality means EQUALITY for Everyone!!!!! He Spoke the Hard Truth🤨

  47. Damon Dudley

    Damon Dudley4 days ago

    On the court idl dray but I have to admit he always keep it real when he speaks da truth!

  48. DK

    DK4 days ago

    It goes both ways. Players sit out for new contracts and demand trades all the time. It’s a business, players get sat to protect their trade value. It’s never ideal but it happens.

  49. Travis Foster

    Travis Foster4 days ago

    Players are aware of what the business consist of before they sign up.

  50. Arron Williams

    Arron Williams4 days ago

    I use Prayer to Harness radical thoughts and keep them beneath my Mental state, this worked for 40 plus years and still working currently 🙏

  51. Shona B

    Shona B4 days ago

    Yes speak

  52. Davian always up to di time a Gaza mi sha. Edwards

    Davian always up to di time a Gaza mi sha. Edwards4 days ago

    That y I have respect for Mr Green he said it like it is,respect my General.

  53. Gil Ramirez

    Gil Ramirez4 days ago

    🤣😂😆 These dudes take themselves way too seriously

  54. Biil Smith

    Biil Smith4 days ago

    Dramond is real

  55. Jahiii Uno

    Jahiii Uno4 days ago

    Draymond king jr

  56. William McCravy

    William McCravy4 days ago

    Where’s the lie? Money doesn’t stop you for having feelings or being human

  57. Romeo Slack

    Romeo Slack4 days ago

    FACTS ⚡💥💥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  58. Francisco Herrera

    Francisco Herrera4 days ago

    They cut your check, it is what it is

  59. ken phillips

    ken phillips4 days ago

    I agree with Draymond Green. One word DISRESPECTFUL..😫😫😫😫

  60. Ggillrobet Robert

    Ggillrobet Robert5 days ago

    I would tell them to give me my money in a lump sum and start business for myself and help the world out f*** the NBA get that money used them before they use you

  61. Kirk Anthony Ford

    Kirk Anthony Ford5 days ago

    When NBA Generals like Shaquille O'Neal and Dwayne Wade speak the world must listen! True Champions of the game!

  62. cjc1289

    cjc12895 days ago

    This is so dumb. Teams are supposed to construct rosters to the best of their ability in order to maintain competition and parity in the league, and to maintain interest in small markets - all of which benefits everyone's bottom line. Players have the ability to exercise free agency, but they aren't supposed to be able to collude and switch teams year to year because it makes it impossible to build a team in smaller markets, and competition and parity disappears. Every year you know one team has a 70% chance of winning it all, another team has a 30% chance, and the other 28 are kidding themselves. It's no fun having the chip decided in the offseason and that'll reflect in the bottom line. And real people have to relocate, they have to work with different people and learn to manage relations, and so on if they want to be at the best organization in the top of their field. If I want to be the best stock broker for the best organization in the country, I gotta go to NY. If I want to be the best film executive for the best organization in the country, I have to go to LA. If I want to be an exec for the biggest car organization in the country, I'm relocating to Detroit. That's how it works. I have the choice to choose my city and choose to work with friends but that means I'm making less money and selling insurance or something. This isn't asking to do anything different than what every person deals with.

  63. christopher bontuyan

    christopher bontuyan5 days ago

    Your right Shack...just business...I like Shack most open minded person...your making money anyway...NBA is a business form not a family...don’t forget it’s a business and sports entertainment...

  64. Terry Jackson

    Terry Jackson5 days ago

    I'm glad Green spoke up for players that can't speak on the situation. The rest of the players are scared !

  65. KyreetheKid

    KyreetheKid5 days ago

    I now understand why Kenny just wants to sit down and talk with him

  66. Plovyt Bikumbu

    Plovyt Bikumbu5 days ago

    Unpopular opinion but the teams and players can’t be on the same level like he wants them to be. Sorry bruh but they’re your boss 😂

  67. Chris Lucas

    Chris Lucas5 days ago


  68. Mark Howard

    Mark Howard5 days ago

    Draymond... that was a lot of rambling

  69. The Scatman

    The Scatman5 days ago

    Where's Draymond and Drummond's union.....?

  70. Thereisonlyone Zlatan

    Thereisonlyone Zlatan5 days ago

    This is so baffling to me. It's the not the organisation's fault that fans hate it when a player wants to leave, nor is it their fault that the fans like it when teams make moves in the offseason - it's the nature of the business. These players are under contracts that will CLEARLY outline what is expected of them, including how they must remain in shape even if they are not playing. If you don't like the contract, solution - DON'T SIGN. oh wait, the 20, 30 million might persuade them. It's a business, everyone wishes they could be treated "fairer" at work but unfortunately thats not the way things work.

  71. WallStW0lf3 baby

    WallStW0lf3 baby5 days ago

    Well they did sign a contract so someone now owns you

  72. thereGoMapo

    thereGoMapo5 days ago

    Kawhi also got disrespected like this in the Spurs

  73. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty5 days ago

    Shaq: “Yeah we’re getting paid a lot, but there’s someone else (the owners, execs, etc) getting paid ten times more than us.” THIS is COMPLETELY factually!!!!

  74. Rolando Macias

    Rolando Macias5 days ago

    Your the employee if you don't like how your employer pays you or assigns you duties, restrictions, rule etc ect simply quit.. your getting payed to do as your told simple as that.

  75. jimmyskinnie

    jimmyskinnie5 days ago

    Spot on d

  76. Street Prophet

    Street Prophet5 days ago

    Truth of the matter is although out of spite and jealousy we would like to compare professional athletes work situations to our own there really is no comparison whatsoever. No one is going to pay thousands of dollars to watch us sit at our desks for 8 hours pushing paperwork etc. Millions of people aren't sitting by there TV's anxiously awaiting the moment we punch our time clocks. Kids aren't lining up in the malls to get a jersey from Bob's carpet cleaning company and it's just the way it is. The direct manner in which players can literally generate millions of dollars daily for there teams don't compare to selling a Ford F-150 once a month. Most of us can easily be replaced but great players well good luck with that just ask the Patriots. Its not just irony that most people complain about how much NBA or NFL players make but don't have anything to say about MLB or Hockey players. Its just hate plain and simple for some ppl it's embedded in there character regardless of race if someone has anything better than what we have the majority will hate. Don't matter if you are pushing buggies at Walmart or stuck in corporate abyss it's nowhere near being a professional athlete. I'm a decent height but can't jump lol but why would I hate on the people that can. Is what it is we just have to be happy with the life we have!

  77. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty5 days ago

    So players can’t “rest” because fans pay to watch but teams can bench u to ensure a successful trade smh

  78. tamara hoeb

    tamara hoeb5 days ago

    Draymond you are getting a technical foul for those comments lol

  79. Steve Cox

    Steve Cox5 days ago

    Just Shut up. This is basketball. NOT A REAL JOB 🤦🏿‍♂️

  80. Spencer Davey

    Spencer Davey5 days ago

    You guys play in tbe highest paid sport in the world just shut up and play

  81. Archivaldo Guzman

    Archivaldo Guzman5 days ago

    It's called being an employee buddy. If you don't like it start your own league 🤷‍♂️

  82. Kueen Dina Da Comedian

    Kueen Dina Da Comedian5 days ago

    Athletes are treated as commodities.

  83. James Spooner

    James Spooner5 days ago

    i absolutely agree with you draymond!!

  84. Andy Hall

    Andy Hall5 days ago

    I see the point,, but you are an employee of the organisation,, they're paying you,, you work for them. They're the boss. This is how an employer and employee situation works. Unless your a sub contractor to the team,,,which they aren't.. .. your in a contract with that team. Its just how it works in every job in the world when your employed to a company or organisation

  85. TallCoolDrink

    TallCoolDrink5 days ago

    Does the player work for the team, or does the team work for the player? Who's in charge?

  86. Wanderpol Tv

    Wanderpol Tv5 days ago

    Kudos to D. Green for voicing out.

  87. jeffrey rogers

    jeffrey rogers6 days ago

    Draymond doesn't seem to understand that the players are not the boss. These teams are owned by owners, that are in charge. Welcome to our world draymond, we're all employees also.

  88. Mr. TheKidd

    Mr. TheKidd6 days ago

    ...Hope Drummond lands in the West somewheres Legit. Sam Presti in OKC should make a deal.

  89. deadrick anderson

    deadrick anderson6 days ago

    Stating the obvious, facts, etc! Speak up not only a voice for the league, but also for respect and integrity! I stand with him on behalf of all this!

  90. mr pa fall

    mr pa fall6 days ago

    Well said d wade orgs uses media to tell their

  91. mr pa fall

    mr pa fall6 days ago

    Dreymond is the real talker salute to u man i agree

  92. Alex

    Alex6 days ago

    So players can’t “rest” because fans pay to watch but teams can bench u to ensure a successful trade smh

  93. simba

    simba6 days ago

    Wow, this is deep !! Ah so TRUE and fair.....

  94. Carl Hewitt

    Carl Hewitt6 days ago

    How you think regular people get treated?

  95. Wannita Findley

    Wannita Findley6 days ago

    However Shaq... Considering that it's business, they don't have to engage in that type of conversation with the players.... They are not the agent, nor do the check writers have an obligation or duty to see to it that the player is placed in a comfortable situation! Its all the NBA. Furthermore, the owner has the right to secure his or her investment how they see fit! It's never been an issue until the money has grown tremendously and now the players wanna have a list of demands versus the pay that's negotiated in the players contract!

  96. Jaims Cardelle

    Jaims Cardelle6 days ago

    Great way to use you voice and platform bro. Keep speaking up.

  97. JT Akbar

    JT Akbar6 days ago

    The difference is, you don't own the team Dray. You are an employee that should follow the rules or change jobs. Simple.

  98. Jay'sWorld!

    Jay'sWorld!6 days ago

    Professional sports ain't nothing but a modern day sl@ve block...for ALL ethnicities.

  99. juan richardson

    juan richardson6 days ago

    Lol they not playing him ..so he won't get hurt why play him then he get hurt then they won't be able to trade him

  100. Jonathan Moreno

    Jonathan Moreno6 days ago

    You guys have no right to complain to the team owners. NBA is a huge business, therefore they do what's best for the business. And beside, not even 1 company even huge company like apple, google or etc that pays 30 millions of dollar per year to more than 1 person. Apple ceo only gets at most 13m.

  101. 1227weaverb

    1227weaverb6 days ago

    "Shaq is rich, the white man that signs his check is wealthy" - Chris Rock

  102. Tonja Howard

    Tonja Howard6 days ago

    R e s p e c t !

  103. A J

    A J6 days ago

    That’s life as a commodity. Shoulda known being paid millions to throw a ball around comes with a catch.

  104. B bohno

    B bohno6 days ago

    he right.. but they own you🤷🏾‍♂️

  105. Mark Williams44

    Mark Williams446 days ago

    Nba players don't realise they are just chattel that get paid well. This is America. You're welcome.

  106. fatboy269

    fatboy2696 days ago

    He would have had a valid point if he would have talked about LeBron instead of james harden or kyrie irving. Shaq stop mumbling, I can hear everyone else but yo business suit wearing self