The 2021 East All-Star Starters Are Revealed | NBA on TNT

Shaq, Kenny, Chuck and Ernie break down Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bradley Beal and Joel Embiid being named as Eastern Conference All-Star Starters.
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  1. Brain Drain

    Brain DrainDay ago

    BEASTERN CONFERENCE. Check out our ASG history vid please. BIG SHOUTOUT to NBA legend Ossie Schectman who makes the cut in our homage.

  2. Kansas City Jones

    Kansas City JonesDay ago

    Where is D???

  3. Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies

    Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies4 days ago

    Yawn. I’m ready for the next generation of the NBA

  4. Peyton and Olivia

    Peyton and Olivia6 days ago

    Why is all of the all star stuff in one night that’s really dumb?

  5. yusuf turay

    yusuf turay6 days ago

    when do they pick the other teammates

  6. Ujiri Ukiri

    Ujiri Ukiri7 days ago

    East vs West this season KD < Lebron Giannis > Kawhi Embid > Jokic Beal < Steph Kyrie < Doncic I'm rooting for east but looks like the west has this

  7. Bruce Profits

    Bruce Profits7 days ago

    Charles deteriorating before our eyes .. gonna miss him. Nba legend

  8. Dewey Rengechel

    Dewey Rengechel7 days ago

    Yeah I Know, Jimmy Butler Should have been an All-Star this Season.He took Miami Under his Wings Last time Around.He'll be Back.I'm Not Worried 🤙✌

  9. Dewey Rengechel

    Dewey Rengechel7 days ago

    My Only Interest is the West Reserves vrs the East Starters ! Interesting !!! 😁🤙✌


    SRIRAM AC7 days ago

    Media still giving 1 to giannis..come on guys..u guys gave him a lot already..get out of his hangover

  11. smallgoon

    smallgoon7 days ago

    Jaylen brown almost averages the same as kyrie and plays defense ... What is kenny on ?

  12. jgsk78

    jgsk787 days ago

    Harden is the best point guard in the league right now

  13. auntie mavis

    auntie mavis8 days ago

    bradley beal deserves that spot.

  14. Thabani Dube

    Thabani Dube8 days ago

    Jamal Murray is better than Devin Booker in every category, but the media wants to push a bias narrative

  15. Dan Libert

    Dan Libert8 days ago

    No Hardenfuuuck

  16. Billy G

    Billy G8 days ago

    kevin Marshmallow durant ? what a joke!

  17. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary Mitchell8 days ago

    Speed it up..

  18. Mike Resse

    Mike Resse8 days ago

    Zach is the East Coast version of Damian

  19. Renee Gardner

    Renee Gardner8 days ago

    What happened to all the trash talk about how curry can’t carry a team and now he is an all star.

  20. The Sage

    The Sage9 days ago

    Jimmy is top 5 in starter but got snubbed out for bench 😂 but i agree that he shouldn’t be on the team because of the games he missed but not because he is not an all star caliber, he is already on a superstar level

  21. Alberto Pineda

    Alberto Pineda9 days ago

    media ranked KD 3?

  22. Mike5

    Mike59 days ago

    Finally the east got a squad

  23. Mike5

    Mike59 days ago

    They be hating on Westbrook

  24. ClipperTown In LA

    ClipperTown In LA9 days ago

    Brown over Bradley hes not winning enough. Surprise Russel didn't make it.

  25. Just 1

    Just 19 days ago

    They should do where the players are from(born and or raised) just for one year, that would be cool.

  26. Astronaut Kid99

    Astronaut Kid999 days ago

    Who woulda thought 10 years ago that lebron would be in the west and KD would be in the east

  27. Anur Selmanagic

    Anur Selmanagic9 days ago

    I think Trae deservse to be an starter

  28. Oh my quite preposterous

    Oh my quite preposterous9 days ago

    Finally Bradley Beal starts

  29. Luigi dicarP

    Luigi dicarP9 days ago

    LETS be honest here. Media and Player vote are basically useless. its like a kids vote on election. haha

  30. Von Farquharson

    Von Farquharson9 days ago

    Team KD

  31. Yonas Yacob

    Yonas Yacob9 days ago

    It should be the Brooklyn Nets vs. the West ALL STARTEAM STARTERS

  32. The Slayer

    The Slayer9 days ago

    Put some respect on jimmy buckets name 😤

  33. Joel Brown

    Joel Brown9 days ago

    The west is going to smash the east in the all start game. There way deeper and can shoot lights out !

  34. Erick :

    Erick :9 days ago

    Happy for bradly beal he deserved it

  35. Andrew james

    Andrew james9 days ago

    Embiid should be the captain

  36. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person10 days ago

    So then why is Kyrie not playing the same way he was in Boston on the nets??? He’s averaging the same amount of assists as he did on the celtics???

  37. Live From The Motherland

    Live From The Motherland10 days ago

    Charles gotta relax. The media voted him fourth cause of his comments on the media. No way he should be that low.

  38. Onyeil onyeil

    Onyeil onyeil10 days ago

    KD just came to the East and he's already team Cap? Gianni's gotta step up his game, if I were him I'd be like, "I messed up." Westbrook & Beal r on d same team and Beal is starting? What happened to mr triple double? Beal is Balling, but dey had to go down to 13seed to get him in, y not Jaylen 6th seed?


    GRIMS REVENGE10 days ago

    How about this...... Make the All Star Game the first game played right before the regular season start. Make it East V.S. West like it use to be. Make the best players from the previous year be the ones who play. And this is the most important.....Make the winner East or West have the home court advantage in the Championship game just like they did in baseball. if you can't do this I don't want to watch it because it will be trash............ GRIM.

  40. Ye Yo

    Ye Yo10 days ago

    Beal is a losing player and is overrated. He shouldn't be a starter. Beal ranks 18th of gaurds on 2 point field goal %. Beal ranks 84th of gaurds on 3 point field goal %. A scorer who doesn't shoot the ball well.

  41. hip360hop

    hip360hop10 days ago

    How do Shaq and Kenny forget that kyrie missed like 1/3 of the season?

  42. Javier Perez

    Javier Perez11 days ago

    Monte Ellis averaged 30 ppg and didn't make the all star team

  43. nathan papp

    nathan papp11 days ago

    Zach Lavine is arguably playing better than both Irving and Brown.

  44. Stephen Calhoun

    Stephen Calhoun11 days ago

    Jaylen Brown should be starting over Kyrie Irving

  45. Can Cooper

    Can Cooper11 days ago

    Harden > Kylie > Beal all day

  46. TheHawkdaddy

    TheHawkdaddy11 days ago

    Kenny, the Boston media ranked Kyrie 4th, they will always hate him

  47. Caleb Davis

    Caleb Davis11 days ago

    james harden should be starting honestly. if i wanted to win a ball game i would never pick beal over harden

  48. eM_See_Tv

    eM_See_Tv11 days ago

    Media has too much power in sports

  49. John Harvin

    John Harvin11 days ago

    Kenny! World B Free does not have a scoring title.

  50. NJR YT

    NJR YT11 days ago

    I wish Russ was a starter🥺🤦🏼‍♂️

  51. GR_Matteo

    GR_Matteo11 days ago

    Beal instead of Harden?????? You gotta be kidding

  52. ImProudtobeCanadian

    ImProudtobeCanadian11 days ago

    Not having Giannis as coach will be interesting for sure :)

  53. Chris George

    Chris George11 days ago

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  54. samxyx

    samxyx11 days ago

    World be free? Is this the Metta World Peace before Metta World Peace was a thing??

  55. Dick Money

    Dick Money11 days ago

    Zach should be starting. No fair.

  56. Erwin Bastillador

    Erwin Bastillador11 days ago

    lol kyrie starter?

  57. Amit Chopra

    Amit Chopra11 days ago

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  58. Lubus Maximus

    Lubus Maximus11 days ago

    Super! Georgia is going to do a Great Job and the All Star festivities are going to bring lots of happiness and joy to the World! Good Luck and Have Fun! PS There is no HORSE this go around🤷‍♂️ ...well i really enjoyed that event when you guys had it, (also it can be done remotely so thats cool 🙌) Hey you know what would be even cooler? If the name of the game was changed from horse to water, or river, or ocean...they are all 5 letters ✌️ On account ah when you play that game horse with your pals, and somebody has ✌️letters they are already know... Also when they have 3 letters we say some stuff thats not so they are already know... ( ive played the game a handful of familiar ) even 4 letters... now its plural, So if you think its a good idea to say those things when playing with your pals, or ladies or other people, than you keep doing that. If you think that ocean, river, or water is a good idea than play that way. my choice would B option B. 🙏 ☮️💜

  59. Lubus Maximus

    Lubus Maximus11 days ago


  60. Lubus Maximus

    Lubus Maximus11 days ago


  61. Marcus Anderson

    Marcus Anderson11 days ago

    Kyrie average is skewed... He's only played 50% of games

  62. Marcus Anderson

    Marcus Anderson9 days ago

    @Dredre7 either way if we're honest we can all agree James Harden is the reason this team is winning followed by Joe Harris being super efficient behind the arc. Sure kyrie can score but he doesn't impact games or make pivotal plays in my opinion

  63. Dredre7

    Dredre79 days ago

    @Marcus Anderson he has better handles than AI in my opinion

  64. Marcus Anderson

    Marcus Anderson9 days ago

    @Dredre7 he's ok... Not exactly Allen Iverson

  65. Dredre7

    Dredre79 days ago

    He’s the most entertaining all star there to watch I don’t think they care bout his stats since he’s a great showman

  66. Candie Kane

    Candie Kane12 days ago

    I wonder what size those suits are that Shaquille and Chuck wear? They look great but their Tailor must work OT on those suits. 👍

  67. ALEX Galarza

    ALEX Galarza12 days ago

    Jaylen brown the only Celtics having a really good yr????

  68. Lightning McMurphy

    Lightning McMurphy12 days ago

    World b free has never scored the most points.

  69. KiNG KLASSiC

    KiNG KLASSiC12 days ago

    Yall seeing now how much the media hate kyrie and durant? Haha how kyrie ranked 4th haaa

  70. KiNG KLASSiC

    KiNG KLASSiC12 days ago

    Durant, giannis and embiid is a tall scary lineup

  71. Tommy Cleary

    Tommy Cleary12 days ago

    "I never evaluate his walking stick" - Kenny 😂😂😂

  72. ursa Brown

    ursa Brown12 days ago

    doesnt mean you mean, you are smart..kenny you are not smart..

  73. ursa Brown

    ursa Brown12 days ago

    Kenny always acting smart..pretending to be smart..trying talk smart..but not..

  74. ley roy

    ley roy12 days ago

    Zach lavine, devin booker, and some of these other GREAT players deserve a spot in the all star game. Glad bradley beal finally got his spot. Some of the fans have ruined it by voting for other players who they like vs who's putting up numbers this year

  75. Marshall Waller

    Marshall Waller12 days ago

    Who did they pick as their East Reserves???

  76. Nicholas Stone

    Nicholas Stone12 days ago

    Get the media vote outtta here Fr giannis number 1 and Kyrie 4 fits all they narratives lol

  77. William Carpenter

    William Carpenter12 days ago

    Fan vote needs to be brought down. Player stats need to matter. No reason Dame is not starting. Dame is serious one of the deadliest shooters in league history.

  78. Ken Sniffey JR

    Ken Sniffey JR12 days ago

    No Julius Randle talk ... ok smh

  79. John Red

    John Red12 days ago

    It's really nice that they bring back the EASTERN and WESTERN CONFERENCE All Star fGame format!!

  80. CJ Anu

    CJ Anu12 days ago

    The media is high key racist.

  81. MrYUNGT92

    MrYUNGT9212 days ago

    Yet NO ONE IS MENTIONING ZACH!!!!!!!!!!! Come on y’all!!

  82. Mike Panton

    Mike Panton12 days ago

    Kyrie bailed on his team for like 2 weeks...i can see how the media would vote others ahead of him for that

  83. MyLifesAMeme

    MyLifesAMeme12 days ago

    What's the soundtrack they use in this video when they introduce the East starters?

  84. the real royal

    the real royal12 days ago

    James harden better than that whole backcourt 🤦🏾‍♂️ and he didn’t get picked y’all crazy

  85. Mylan Cintron

    Mylan Cintron12 days ago

    Were James harden at 😐😐

  86. Bryan Kho

    Bryan Kho12 days ago

    Jaylen should have been ahead of Kyrie. Other players just jelly to not rank him higher and casuals don't know any better.

  87. James Sterett

    James Sterett12 days ago

    I wonder if kyrie will even show up to the all star game lol

  88. Roy Hurley

    Roy Hurley12 days ago

    Brown should be starting

  89. Nam Pham

    Nam Pham12 days ago

    Clearly Shaq had Kyrie last in his list

  90. PrivacyPlease

    PrivacyPlease12 days ago

    I don't see what's the big deal about having Kyrie 4th. Part of being a great player IS ACTUALLY PLAYING!!! Sorry, it's hard to put him higher than 4th when he decides to go AWOL for 3 weeks! I reward guys who actually play!

  91. aaliyahy

    aaliyahy12 days ago

    Giannis once again got the media vote. Same way he beat LeBron in mvp vote last year

  92. OJ Glove

    OJ Glove12 days ago

    Idk about the Bradley Beal having fun part

  93. Chris Hogarty

    Chris Hogarty12 days ago

    Harden is playing better than kyrie, including stats and overall winning factor value

  94. dell cruz

    dell cruz12 days ago

    Sorry to Kyrie fans but his all star starting selection is not well deserved for missing all those games just because his beliefs on the whole movement which is admirable but since he missed lots of games I think either Harden(yes I know he missed some games due to corona)or Lavine deserved to be the starter,if anything Kyrie should've been on the team just not as a starter IMO,just saying

  95. Eudy Brand

    Eudy Brand12 days ago

    Harden, Julius Randell, Powell, Siakam and Lavine over Bradley Beal. I don't like Harden that much but if he was playing with the Wizards, he would average 35-37 points and 9-10 assists and his team would have a better record.

  96. LaMonte Grant

    LaMonte Grant11 days ago

    Only harden lol. Lavine and siakam are good too but y'all doing the most rn. Watch his plays he lowkey clutch

  97. Lamelo better than Magic Johnson?

    Lamelo better than Magic Johnson?12 days ago

    Luka gets 30 10 + 10 yet he's having a f****** hard time starting over Dame Lillard Bradley Beal gets 30 5 and 5 and they roll out the red carpet for him

  98. JuicyMcnamus

    JuicyMcnamus12 days ago

    Lol the media HATES kyrie

  99. NewWorldOrderFAIL

    NewWorldOrderFAIL12 days ago

    Just know media votes are nearly as bad as fan votes, if not worse, with KD and Kyrie as 3 & 4. KD is a clear MVP candidate, Kyrie is too

  100. King Aley

    King Aley12 days ago

    embid should've been captin

  101. JustMoseyinAround

    JustMoseyinAround12 days ago

    *Media had Kyrie 4th in backcourt and KD 3rd in front court. Gee, I'm so surprised...*

  102. Poetic Writer

    Poetic Writer12 days ago

    All of a sudden it's easy vs west. I wonder why🤔

  103. Nicolas Roybal

    Nicolas Roybal12 days ago

    Where’s trae?👀❄️

  104. William Mendes

    William Mendes13 days ago

    Interesting they keep saying World B. Free led the league in scoring when in FACT it was George Gervin in '79 and '80 who led the league in scoring back to back years and Free was the runner up!

  105. William Mendes

    William Mendes13 days ago

    Barkley "the only Celtic thats playing well" but he's the 2nd best player on the team🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  106. joe fresh

    joe fresh13 days ago

    Fred Vanvleet should be ahead of Butler for allstar

  107. ezekiel grant

    ezekiel grant13 days ago

    Kd is back