New Jersey Senator Cory Booker joins The Arena

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker joins Cari Champion, Kyle Korver and Killer Mike on a new episode of The Arena.
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  1. Only Facts

    Only Facts5 days ago

    i wonder why he is on this SHOW.....when was the last time you saw a white senator in a SPORT SHOW???

  2. felix smith

    felix smith8 days ago

    This guy is a fraud check his vote record

  3. Marios Moukakos

    Marios Moukakos8 days ago

    Soooo...Democrats would be paying for the reparations. Right? After all, they were the party of slavery and Jim Crow laws. Unless black people want their money from African countries because they were the ones who enslaved them in the first place. Yeaaah...good luck with that.

  4. Colin D Williams

    Colin D Williams12 days ago

    great informing video,proud of the knowledge and awareness being brought to the fore front

  5. big earl

    big earl12 days ago

    Keep this bull on CNN we want shaq or chuck

  6. Peat381 Low

    Peat381 Low12 days ago

    In a way these politicians want to be worshiped in a way. Hero worship.


    RENIE SHAKUR13 days ago

    #CoryBooker in 2028 ... #Trump in 2024 - freed #Weezy and #Kodak... He's got my vote.

  8. Manne Di

    Manne Di13 days ago

    Keegan-Michael Key in that picture frame

  9. Colin Reese

    Colin Reese13 days ago

    The U.S. already paid reparations through The Great Society and Affirmative Action.

  10. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson14 days ago


  11. donlee37

    donlee3714 days ago

    Why not put that money into public grade schools? If we don't fix that people wont be ready for college.

  12. Shane Frederick

    Shane Frederick14 days ago

    If it ain't the Inside crew, keep it off this channel

  13. Master O'Neal

    Master O'Neal14 days ago

    Cari in that red with Grey hair, sheesh🙏🏾🔥

  14. Lolswallie

    Lolswallie14 days ago

    Lolcow status is being achieved by bringing on people like him

  15. Bob Andy

    Bob Andy14 days ago

    Why tf is this on a sports show.

  16. salvador ortiz

    salvador ortiz14 days ago


  17. Gabriel

    Gabriel14 days ago

    I hate politics And I don’t want to see politics and sports mix together anymore. Maybe last year the time was right but people watch sports to escape politics.

  18. MM MM

    MM MM14 days ago

    Cari body still a snack

  19. Mark Frederik Stulzer

    Mark Frederik Stulzer14 days ago

    This Arena show is trash 🗑️

  20. Jelly Bryce

    Jelly Bryce14 days ago

    real brothas know hes on the down low.

  21. Jackson Washburn

    Jackson Washburn14 days ago

    These tv hosts just want free money and this Senator is actually trying to find solutions to the issues

  22. HAguayo

    HAguayo14 days ago


  23. Edwin Mosley

    Edwin Mosley14 days ago


  24. jhall229

    jhall22914 days ago

    Great idea by Cory Booker

  25. av a

    av a14 days ago

    One word...... DOWNVOTE...... and this is coming from a BLACK MAN HIMSELF. TNT do yourself a favor and NEVER put on a poliTICKin on again. Were sick of the ridiculous biasness of your network and the mainstream media trying to tell people what to think ESPECIALLY when your based around sports. Take a good look of your dislike to like ratio. NUFF SAID.

  26. Anthony Pacione

    Anthony Pacione14 days ago

    Well said. Couldn’t agree any more m8.

  27. Kristoffer Osuntuyi

    Kristoffer Osuntuyi14 days ago

    Vin Diesel?

  28. Levan Berulava

    Levan Berulava14 days ago

    Hair is not looking good! Go back to Black!

  29. oh yes

    oh yes14 days ago

    two clowns lol

  30. T D

    T D14 days ago

    Marxism smdh

  31. Brandon Fentress

    Brandon Fentress14 days ago

    Again...last thing I want in my sports is Storm and Politics

  32. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith14 days ago

    She look a hot mess go back to the black my beautiful sister

  33. iMixMasteR

    iMixMasteR14 days ago

    @IBE THAT I AM Says the guy with the generic 1 all the way around.

  34. EpicWolves

    EpicWolves14 days ago

    The Arena is full of lobbyists for the radicals

  35. Ibrahim Murad

    Ibrahim Murad14 days ago

    we only tryna see shaq kenny chuck and ernie on this channel

  36. Bow Down To No One But The MOST HIGH

    Bow Down To No One But The MOST HIGH14 days ago

    Mr president assaulticus im so blackity blackity black booker

  37. EightyEight

    EightyEight14 days ago

    Senator Richard Jefferson ⁉️ What a weird career change.

  38. BJ of Earth

    BJ of Earth14 days ago

    I'm not at all surprised about the like/dislike ratio of this video. Booker is really just another Wall St. neoliberal who is a good public speaker.

  39. Apollo

    Apollo14 days ago

    Get these clown politicians outta here... Y'all need to wake up, they fake it like they are for you then turn around and bite you. 🐍

  40. brad campbell

    brad campbell14 days ago

    MR. POTATO HEAD!!!! On a real note though. @NBAonTNT you need to stop being so one sided. I know your boss is the same boss at CNN but if you want to have a diverse portfolio of viewership, you need a diverse portfolio of guests and opinions not just the liberal orthodoxy

  41. EpicWolves

    EpicWolves14 days ago

    They don’t care, they are lobbyists

  42. brad campbell

    brad campbell14 days ago

    @Riley Stansberry Thank god. No one who isn’t woke watches the NBA anymore either. It’s sad. I miss the nba of like 10 years ago

  43. Riley Stansberry

    Riley Stansberry14 days ago

    Nobody watches the Arena because they have clowns like Spartacus and Jemele Hill on. No one thinks this show is genuine

  44. Kermit L

    Kermit L14 days ago

    Lol this is neoliberal trash.

  45. Mike Waters

    Mike Waters14 days ago


  46. Mike Waters

    Mike Waters12 days ago

    @Aiden Tai 10 dollars says you have a five finger girlfriend..hahahahahahaha

  47. Aiden Tai

    Aiden Tai12 days ago

    @Mike Waters hahaha so funny..... Ima guess 12, anyone wanna bet? 10 dollars says I'm right

  48. Mike Waters

    Mike Waters12 days ago

    @Aiden Tai I can't tell if you are a boy or a girl with that name..hahahahahahhahaha

  49. Aiden Tai

    Aiden Tai12 days ago

    @Mike Waters Hahahaha. I can’t tell if ur 12 or 37

  50. Mike Waters

    Mike Waters13 days ago

    @YungPackerboii ESPN HIRE ME DORK!

  51. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith14 days ago


  52. Landon L.

    Landon L.14 days ago

    Cory Booker is a sellout. This man is not a true progressive.

  53. TacticalPower88

    TacticalPower8814 days ago

    Hes a socialist

  54. Bruh

    Bruh14 days ago

    Y’all ain’t getting any reparations lol.

  55. Jax Munroe

    Jax Munroe14 days ago

    It's storm

  56. Colin Reese

    Colin Reese14 days ago

    "I feel like punching him." - Cory Booker referring to President Donald Trump before accusing Trump of incitement

  57. Thomas Doe

    Thomas Doe14 days ago

    She’s not that bad

  58. Jake Kopcza

    Jake Kopcza14 days ago

    Why are we bringing politics into sports

  59. MauveBall

    MauveBall14 days ago

    Cari got grey hair now?

  60. Adam Leon

    Adam Leon14 days ago

    Cari Champion looks so Old. That hair aint it lol

  61. Mo K

    Mo K14 days ago

    I just recently found out that Rosario Dawson is his partner, mans lucky haha Rosario is a fine woman

  62. Kadeem Bascom

    Kadeem Bascom14 days ago


  63. Adam Leon

    Adam Leon14 days ago


  64. Kyler Murray

    Kyler Murray14 days ago

    Richard Jefferson is New Jersey’s senator?

  65. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez14 days ago


  66. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez14 days ago

    @IBE THAT I AM when he gave that sickening speech lol

  67. Dora The Murderer

    Dora The Murderer14 days ago

    Aah......its a witch

  68. Chuck Levi

    Chuck Levi14 days ago

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought this was Richard Jefferson at first glance.

  69. Andriy M.

    Andriy M.14 days ago

    That's obviously reggie miller

  70. Spank Hulk

    Spank Hulk14 days ago

    We want reparations period. Don't patronize me.

  71. Spank Hulk

    Spank Hulk14 days ago

    @IBE THAT I AM if your black we black together

  72. Spank Hulk

    Spank Hulk14 days ago

    @IBE THAT I AMfirst question I ask was are you a African American can you answer that

  73. Spank Hulk

    Spank Hulk14 days ago

    @IBE THAT I AM are you black if so than lead the way

  74. Spank Hulk

    Spank Hulk14 days ago

    @yamamancha ok

  75. Spank Hulk

    Spank Hulk14 days ago

    @David M give 5 reasons why we shouldn't get reparations

  76. Liberal Tears

    Liberal Tears14 days ago

    More trash

  77. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez14 days ago

    @Dwyane Rose why do you assume he's white?

  78. Dwyane Rose

    Dwyane Rose14 days ago

    @The Q45 Guy it's not about me getting reparations...

  79. The Q45 Guy

    The Q45 Guy14 days ago

    @Dwyane Rose youre poor, and you aren’t getting reparations

  80. Liberal Tears

    Liberal Tears14 days ago

    @Dwyane Rose uhh, I can smell "muh racism" off the screen. Bro, get over yourself.

  81. Dwyane Rose

    Dwyane Rose14 days ago

    @Liberal Tears This comment was aimed at wypipo and all those that think like them 😁😁