Help! I've Flopped And I Can't Get Up! | Shaqtin’ A Fool Episode 9

Kyle Kuzma's epic flop highlights some of the funniest plays from the week in the latest Shaqtin.
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  1. Jerry Simon Jr

    Jerry Simon Jr5 days ago

    Shaq said "Wussel Restbrook". 😂

  2. Zhen Shops

    Zhen Shops7 days ago

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  3. Tonii Curtis Smith

    Tonii Curtis Smith8 days ago

    GOAT Javale McGee

  4. Allen Ignatius

    Allen Ignatius10 days ago

    That's what get you get Kuz when you teamed up with the greatest flopper of all time 😂

  5. Brian Morien

    Brian Morien10 days ago

    This was a really good version of Shrektin a fool. Good job Shrek

  6. Dougie Smith

    Dougie Smith10 days ago


  7. Jayla Gaskins

    Jayla Gaskins10 days ago


  8. Fareed Siddiqui

    Fareed Siddiqui11 days ago

    All the power in the universe to the undefeated VFX team... This was hilariously epic!

  9. Scorpion King

    Scorpion King11 days ago

    The Jackhammer edition on Paschall was out of this world 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Dmitrious Bazhanov

    Dmitrious Bazhanov11 days ago

    Can someone explain what's happened in the last one? (#1) I don't get it

  11. DrakathDrago

    DrakathDrago10 days ago

    It's a goaltending call. Basically when the ball is above the rim and about to make contact with the hoop you can't touch it to try and stop it from going in. Because he did they automatically get the 3 points since now it can't be proven whether it would have went in or not.

  12. Tommaso Cino

    Tommaso Cino11 days ago

    Come on Kenny, pick the rythm please! 😄

  13. king baalik

    king baalik11 days ago

    Russell westbrook step out of bounds on the corner

  14. Evan Buntoro

    Evan Buntoro11 days ago

    Shaq saying Javale McGee is the best news in 2020 2021 so far 🤣

  15. Eric Roger

    Eric Roger11 days ago

    NBA is doomed

  16. Iso Joe

    Iso Joe11 days ago

    Westbrick is such a joke

  17. Ai you

    Ai you11 days ago


  18. BuckyBadgerW

    BuckyBadgerW11 days ago

    Ernie at 1:08 threw me off 😂

  19. Lubus Maximus

    Lubus Maximus11 days ago

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  20. Lubus Maximus

    Lubus Maximus11 days ago


  21. Lubus Maximus

    Lubus Maximus11 days ago


  22. IMightBeBiased

    IMightBeBiased11 days ago

    To Kenny: Yeah. Him.

  23. 衝勒去

    衝勒去11 days ago

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  24. Eldog J

    Eldog J11 days ago

    Javale McGee!!!

  25. Headphone J

    Headphone J12 days ago

    God bless you all! Jesus loves you!

  26. YEGGERtalk

    YEGGERtalk12 days ago

    The return of JAVAAAAALE MCGEE!!

  27. Veezo TV

    Veezo TV12 days ago


  28. Veezo TV

    Veezo TV12 days ago


  29. Frank Hoppe

    Frank Hoppe12 days ago

    lol that goaltending was hillarious! Editing especially on this one is spot on! Great stuff, but please give Kuzma a massive fine, otherwise he will continue flopping...

  30. Junior SP 805

    Junior SP 80512 days ago

    This crew needs to televise the NBA Finals . The Abc and ESPN crew besides Steven A smith lack energy . The NBA Finals have never been the same since it left NBC.. I fell this crew would bring back the pregame , halftime and post game energy and interest.

  31. ca sne

    ca sne12 days ago

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  32. Danny Medrano

    Danny Medrano12 days ago

    Editors of this video is the real goat.

  33. wendelhaha1

    wendelhaha112 days ago

    pega tozão

  34. Hamdi Ibrahim

    Hamdi Ibrahim12 days ago


  35. David Ouellette

    David Ouellette12 days ago

    God, the Los Angeles Floppers are just embarrassing.

  36. James Watts

    James Watts12 days ago

    Two dummies Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley

  37. Menteşe

    Menteşe12 days ago

    Where is Westbrooks free throw?😂

  38. Zion Williamson

    Zion Williamson12 days ago

    Shaq and Chuck will always beef !!!

  39. Michael Murphy

    Michael Murphy12 days ago

    Fact, Inside The NBA is better than the NBA.

  40. James Hdog

    James Hdog12 days ago

    This is the best shaqtin I’ve seen in a while

  41. Jeff Vann

    Jeff Vann12 days ago

    It's a tough call between 1:Diallo's goaltend & 3: Paschall's pump-fakes/turnover, but the animation of Paschall with the jackhammer & Chuck dipping nuggets is a game winning tie-breaker🤣. Shame on you too Kuzma

  42. Mikropono

    Mikropono12 days ago

    Flop? Where's the King?

  43. Екатерина Блохина

    Екатерина Блохина12 days ago


  44. AmirBahador Saedi

    AmirBahador Saedi12 days ago

    Even Murray is surprised by what he's done!

  45. BigDreams514

    BigDreams51413 days ago

    Bruh this is like watching my 70yr old grandpa showing me lowlights

  46. Clash Royale Gameplay

    Clash Royale Gameplay13 days ago

    Where was LeBron is these

  47. Belarion A.D.

    Belarion A.D.13 days ago

    Kuzma running through the tape lol

  48. Albert E

    Albert E13 days ago

    The only problem is they used to have 5 bloopers instead of 4

  49. Edmon Lau

    Edmon Lau13 days ago

    Diallo worth it

  50. Sahil Arora

    Sahil Arora13 days ago

    "This will live on"

  51. Sahil Arora

    Sahil Arora13 days ago

    The editing guy deserves a Raise

  52. Mr. Moves

    Mr. Moves13 days ago

    Left out the part where the goaltend costed them the game

  53. Errol Ausan

    Errol Ausan13 days ago

    Jaavvvaallleee MmmccggeeEee!!

  54. MLBets

    MLBets13 days ago

    I love Jamal Murray reaction xD

  55. Chandler M8

    Chandler M813 days ago

    Noooo not diallo😔😔 he’s been not playing the best tho so he deserves it

  56. Bartholomew Lyons

    Bartholomew Lyons13 days ago

    1:56 this is just amazing 😄😄😄 ripping his shirt to reveal Shaqtin

  57. NoseBlind

    NoseBlind13 days ago

    Shaq should be #1 for not knowing Siakam's first name

  58. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy

    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy13 days ago


  59. Chooch

    Chooch13 days ago

    Kennys response to every shaqtin a fool: "AWW MAN NOT _____. Awwhhh my goodness"

  60. 1175 Village Idiot

    1175 Village Idiot13 days ago

    Too Funny! That quadruple fake nugget dunk! #3

  61. Brad Lamb

    Brad Lamb13 days ago

    Westbrook is so bad man 🤢

  62. samxyx

    samxyx13 days ago

    Their animators need a raise

  63. revenant 33

    revenant 3313 days ago

    Kuzma it only works if your a superstar good try though bud

  64. Mp frmda6ix

    Mp frmda6ix13 days ago

    Shoutout to the Editors 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Daniel Luong

    Daniel Luong13 days ago

    Javale's and Shaq's mom are gonna come in again 😂

  66. Q4Life

    Q4Life13 days ago

    Lebron really mentoring his teammates to flop

  67. Manuel Diaz Moreta

    Manuel Diaz Moreta13 days ago


  68. Manuel Diaz Moreta

    Manuel Diaz Moreta13 days ago

    Shaq couldn’t help himself. Javale MGEEEEEE!


    SNAKE DΞLTA13 days ago

    the last guy play, was err as we say "what a plum"

  70. Ben Barson

    Ben Barson13 days ago

    I typed in Steve cohen, and this video popped up

  71. bsert khtan

    bsert khtan13 days ago

    Diallo one isn't funny, it's sad

  72. R Teodoro

    R Teodoro13 days ago

    Shaq bullied me

  73. Max Marquez

    Max Marquez13 days ago

    Kuzma in the LeBron school of Flop

  74. Max Marquez

    Max Marquez13 days ago

    They had no reason mentioning Javale 😂

  75. J TC

    J TC13 days ago

    notice how he doesn't include Lebron's flop. Sucka ish right there.

  76. Dillon Evans

    Dillon Evans13 days ago

    The thing is the Thunder only lost by 2. If Hamidou didn’t goaltend, Thunder may have won.

  77. JerseyCollectorJon

    JerseyCollectorJon13 days ago

    Robert Williams should be on next week with that goaltend against Trae Young today

  78. Timmuy Dinwiddie

    Timmuy Dinwiddie13 days ago

    LeBron has taught Kyle well

  79. Mason Lane

    Mason Lane13 days ago

    Lol graphics department on fire

  80. Alaska Snow

    Alaska Snow13 days ago

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  81. Alaska Snow

    Alaska Snow13 days ago

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    Alaska Snow13 days ago

  85. Alaska Snow

    Alaska Snow13 days ago

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    Alaska Snow13 days ago

  87. Alaska Snow

    Alaska Snow13 days ago

    vertical-take off and lift poker chips

  88. Alaska Snow

    Alaska Snow13 days ago

  89. Sixty Forty

    Sixty Forty13 days ago

    they showed Kuzma's flop but didnt bring up Queen Lebron's flop? dafaq?

  90. EctomorFITT

    EctomorFITT13 days ago

    this is Russ's award to win

  91. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake13 days ago

    0:54 I missed Shaq's *JAVALEEE MCGEEEE* I died on that Jackhammer edit 😂😂😂

  92. Mr. Ramjangles

    Mr. Ramjangles13 days ago

    Kenny “No, Not Him” Smith

  93. Ken McCarver

    Ken McCarver13 days ago


  94. Danny Cooper

    Danny Cooper13 days ago

    Shaq: Number 2 Fenrir Nickelshire Kenny: Noooo not Fenrir!

  95. Дмитрий Воронцов

    Дмитрий Воронцов13 days ago

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  96. Joseph MacLeod

    Joseph MacLeod13 days ago

    Hey Chuck tell ya boy Joe Mauer to start reffing he would be a lot better then his dad seriously

  97. Watch it and thank me later

    Watch it and thank me later13 days ago

  98. רועי ניצן

    רועי ניצן13 days ago

    Where's Westbrook's free thow??? Come on man

  99. Dimitri Apkhazava

    Dimitri Apkhazava13 days ago

    I could’ve made a really messed up joke with Eric paschal

  100. Mr. G6

    Mr. G613 days ago

    Who is Draymond's shot not on here??

  101. Cseszlai Zsolt

    Cseszlai Zsolt13 days ago

    Pause it at 1:20 Kuzma got tripped.

  102. JackJack Thompson

    JackJack Thompson13 days ago

    That goal tend was a ridiculous mistake. This guy is a professional, ehh maybe DONT do that! 🙄🙄🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  103. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian Lazaro13 days ago