Stephen Curry joins the Inside Guys After the Warriors Defeated Dallas | NBA on TNT

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry checked in with Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie after they took down the Dallas Mavericks.
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  1. D. Anthony

    D. Anthony7 days ago

    Ok I’ll say it! SHAQ suits looks good! Is that his own brand? Gotta get’em

  2. sueannzeiger

    sueannzeiger16 days ago

    The typical nurse immuhistochemically stare because railway systemically shave beneath a acrid rule. woozy, likeable botany

  3. Dee TV

    Dee TV22 days ago

    charles on kenny’s dad 😂😂😂

  4. Grant J Bagshaw

    Grant J Bagshaw22 days ago

    Listen, I used to love you guys, but I think y’all need to lighten up. Shaq cannot take a joke, Kenny acts like an angry grandpa, EJ is wayyyy to serious now, and Charles doesn’t have the same energy that he used to. More jokes! Less fighting! More energy!

  5. Aldo Arroyo

    Aldo Arroyo22 days ago

    GOAT ,SG.

  6. Johnny Hugo

    Johnny Hugo23 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 chuck wild

  7. Anton Slizzardhands

    Anton Slizzardhands23 days ago

    Steph plays with heart. Even if his team doesn't make it to the finals, they're a fun team to watch.

  8. Sandman Winks

    Sandman Winks24 days ago

    Barkley always hated the Warriors. Remember when he said, "Jump shooting teams can't win championships."

  9. The Moore Report

    The Moore Report25 days ago

    Mavs won?

  10. Lemar Guillary

    Lemar Guillary25 days ago

    These guys are and have been dropping nuggets about the mentality one would need to become great. Some call it hating, and others call it motivation. Id be upset if Shaq hated on me without giving me knowledge, but thats not whats going on here.

  11. z z

    z z25 days ago

    Kelly Oubre is a career 42% from 2 and 32% from 3 with a average of 11points. just feel he got hyped because of his hair...he is a role player and simply gets overpayed because of the situation the Warriors where in. Also it's good for the Warriors to have money on the books to make trades.

  12. z z

    z z25 days ago

    Charles:" Ernie if you look at West....." ( Crickets) i was so excited for a typical Barkley answer and we got it.

  13. Grizz15

    Grizz1526 days ago

    y shaq ain’t answer kenny’s question😂😂

  14. Wilbur Kowitz

    Wilbur Kowitz26 days ago

    Kenny describing what those bloated contracts really represent -- a pail of water in the desert. He is one wise man. Imagine if all players put in the effort of a Rodman or a Cowens...

  15. xXSebastian_MatuteXx

    xXSebastian_MatuteXx26 days ago

    Thr title of the video is wrong though, the Mavericks won that game

  16. RJ John

    RJ John26 days ago

    Oubre is a slasher with like 5 shooting badges his shot is inconsistent which is why he is as a player

  17. No Agendas

    No Agendas26 days ago

    O now they have a shot to make the playoffs... Couple of games ago you said they had no shot..

  18. The Exterminator

    The Exterminator26 days ago

    Kenny making no sense as usual... 🤨

  19. Jermaine Durham

    Jermaine Durham26 days ago

    Wat if curry won 7 rings lik horry or 8 an passed him

  20. Jermaine Durham

    Jermaine Durham26 days ago

    Wat if curry won a 4th ring an tied bron man

  21. Cho Boy

    Cho Boy26 days ago

    Tuesday crew is whack! This is the best crew

  22. The Valcin Sisters

    The Valcin Sisters26 days ago

  23. Darpan Dahal

    Darpan Dahal26 days ago

    Did Chuck get new teeth or is his vocabulary just this bad

  24. djohnson721

    djohnson72126 days ago

    Chuck gotta say "Pause"...

  25. Joe Palmer

    Joe Palmer26 days ago

    Chuck wakes up every day with violence on his mind 😂😂

  26. Le Angelo Saravia

    Le Angelo Saravia27 days ago

    Kenny got a hairline lol

  27. ParablePreacher

    ParablePreacher27 days ago

    Why is Dallas so bad this year?!

  28. Invincible Young Empire

    Invincible Young Empire27 days ago

    Our Mavs gotta get it together. This is getting out of hand...

  29. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith27 days ago

    Warriors play great basketball, period.

  30. D E

    D E27 days ago

    Currys face at 3:31 boy serious

  31. ROSH

    ROSH27 days ago

    Impressed with GSW

  32. paul fromm

    paul fromm27 days ago

    Chuck doing his best Joe Biden impression

  33. Mike Tang

    Mike Tang27 days ago

    The giddy mustard temporally imagine because dash optically bare alongside a materialistic lawyer. periodic, gainful author

  34. Gabe Aguilar

    Gabe Aguilar27 days ago

    Lol oh so now they got playoff aspirations huh

  35. J Lin

    J Lin27 days ago

    GS warriors prospects are good. Numbers may not tell you everything if curry doesn't go off for 30pts or more, it don't mean the warriors are in trouble, it means he opening up opportunitfor others. When teams lock curry down, other players are gonna be slacked off of. Draymond directs traffic really well and everyone else is definitely buying into that winning basketball.

  36. arash hejazi

    arash hejazi27 days ago

    Kenny looks crazy with his head tatted.

  37. PF Chim

    PF Chim27 days ago

    NBA are so desperate to present Luka as the MVP. The guy is barely top 10 in the league, just relax.

  38. Republika Dugave

    Republika Dugave27 days ago

    So bummed klay is hurt...gsw would steamroll the nba if he wasnt hurt

  39. Mr.Moody

    Mr.Moody27 days ago

    bro, what the heck is Kenny saying?

  40. Tobat's Channel

    Tobat's Channel27 days ago

    not the nuggets LOL

  41. abdulla alkarbi

    abdulla alkarbi27 days ago

    6:53 Jordan said it better, they pay you based on potential

  42. Refined Verbiage

    Refined Verbiage27 days ago

    Every time Kenny talks these days I stare at his hair line trying to figure out what happened lol

  43. J_Sovereign The Paradox

    J_Sovereign The Paradox22 days ago

    Lol he’s getting older, end of story!! Honestly I’m surprised it didn’t go sooner

  44. Live From The Motherland

    Live From The Motherland25 days ago

    Nah really tho what is that? Are they shading his head then lining up the spray ? Or is that actually “5 o clock shadow” for hair

  45. Danny Corprew

    Danny Corprew27 days ago

    Shaq's mic gotta be working so hard tho 🐐

  46. BlahMmm Blah

    BlahMmm Blah27 days ago

    3:18 I completely agree with Stephen Curry, I love and respect the fact that regardless of all the hate, stupidity, negativity and doubts about Kelly Oubre Jr. , that man still, game after game, came on the court and remained confident in his shot. Regardless of whether it falls or not, Kelly knew that he can do better than how he's performed in the beginning of this season and continued taking shots with good looks at the basket. Keep doing what your doing Kelly. Remain confident in yourself and what you can do. Ignore what there ignorant/ brainless haters are saying.

  47. Rommel Hall

    Rommel Hall27 days ago

    Kenny Smith says about 45 words too many. 😒

  48. Joshua Black

    Joshua Black27 days ago

    Kenny is completely right 💯

  49. B C

    B C27 days ago

    With klay they would be 18 -4

  50. B C

    B C27 days ago

    Thats "klaymore" lol

  51. Cody Birchfieeld

    Cody Birchfieeld27 days ago

    Caution listening to Charles Barkley For prolonged periods of time may cause loss of brain tissue

  52. CJBOSSIN 97

    CJBOSSIN 9727 days ago


  53. laura baylor

    laura baylor27 days ago

    @tina berjeron its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it is able to change their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

  54. A Real Good Guy

    A Real Good Guy27 days ago

    Shaq looking like Thanos

  55. grim R

    grim R27 days ago

    Steph is so inspirational!!!!!

  56. Fleece Johnson

    Fleece Johnson26 days ago

    Look at curry man

  57. Tim Cleezy

    Tim Cleezy27 days ago

    MVP 🐐

  58. kareem ali

    kareem ali27 days ago

    KP is a waste of a talent

  59. Michael Serujo

    Michael Serujo27 days ago


  60. Frank Eler

    Frank Eler27 days ago

    This discussion about effort and hard work is gold! Hoping more young players would take this to heart..

  61. Jam Sohnson

    Jam Sohnson27 days ago

    That wasn't funny or delightful; it was pros being insightful.

  62. isaac park

    isaac park27 days ago

    IS HE HIGH LOL? His eyes are super red

  63. carlvreyes

    carlvreyes27 days ago

    Chuck funny af😂

  64. Ama O

    Ama O27 days ago

    Kenny is right and James Harden even admitted that in his earlier years he was just playing and the money was enough, NOW he’s actually desiring something more like a ring and wants to be in Brooklyn

  65. Live From The Motherland

    Live From The Motherland21 day ago

    @maroonoasis they were all young and he was a sixth man. Now he’s in his prime and a primary option. Two different dynamics

  66. maroonoasis

    maroonoasis21 day ago

    @Live From The Motherland he played with Durant and Westbrick back in OKC

  67. Live From The Motherland

    Live From The Motherland25 days ago

    @saz19s8 to be fair. Harden never played with scorers like kyrie and kd. So maybe he feels more comfortable relinquishing the ball

  68. RJ John

    RJ John26 days ago

    He sure ain’t winning yet

  69. saz19s8

    saz19s826 days ago

    It makes sense. Cuz he’s sacrificing a lot (in terms of scoring) and is playmaking a lot more which he was always capable of even in Houston. He’s sacrificing to win

  70. Janoy Cresnova

    Janoy Cresnova27 days ago

    Warriors are going to the WCF. It will be Warriors vs Clippers. Book it!

  71. Ryan Yarboro

    Ryan Yarboro27 days ago

    Barkley was hating on curry saying lillard was better...he literally is jealous of curry ability to shoot and success Barkley is the worst 3 pt shooter in nba history that has attempted 2000 or more 3 pointers...cant stand how Barkley acts about Steph

  72. Daniel Ludd

    Daniel Ludd27 days ago

    I miss 1990s and 2000s basketball

  73. Daniel Ludd

    Daniel Ludd27 days ago

    @AlonsoBall I use to work in Chino hills

  74. AlonsoBall

    AlonsoBall27 days ago

    Adam Silver ruined it.

  75. David Yen Jr

    David Yen Jr27 days ago

    Much love and respect Stephen Curry. Go Warriors!!!

  76. Hatman Gaming

    Hatman Gaming27 days ago

    My question why they gotta interview steph and not not oubre this night

  77. Damari Moland

    Damari Moland26 days ago

    Good question

  78. EingeL

    EingeL27 days ago

    put some respect on kelly oubre!!

  79. EingeL

    EingeL22 days ago

    @ChillDoc no

  80. ChillDoc

    ChillDoc22 days ago

    @EingeL yes, search it up

  81. EingeL

    EingeL22 days ago

    @ChillDoc no

  82. ChillDoc

    ChillDoc22 days ago

    @EingeL no 38% field

  83. EingeL

    EingeL22 days ago

    @ChillDoc yes

  84. ObumdabombdotTV

    ObumdabombdotTV27 days ago

    Why’d Chuck say it like that? 😂 “Ended up in your lap”

  85. Umzou Tete

    Umzou Tete22 days ago

    @Lateralus27 27015 nah they were already on the luxury tax limit and used the disabled player exception! Either way the tax doesn't count in the cap and all of the NBA teams multiplied 8 times their value in 10 years so no one cares about the luxury tax

  86. D.E.P H MC.

    D.E.P H MC.22 days ago

    yeah that was suspect

  87. Lateralus27 27015

    Lateralus27 2701526 days ago

    @Umzou Tete they paid $80+M in luxury tax to acquire Kelly Oubre Jr.

  88. Umzou Tete

    Umzou Tete27 days ago

    They didn’t give up much for him

  89. Alexis Champsaur

    Alexis Champsaur27 days ago


  90. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson27 days ago


  91. Jovan Filipovic

    Jovan Filipovic27 days ago

    I have no idea what Kenny is saying most of time

  92. Srikanth sanaka

    Srikanth sanaka3 days ago

    Kenny has no idea what Kenny says most of the time

  93. Down Right Fierce RARE

    Down Right Fierce RARE25 days ago

    @Rob C yea man he actually made perfect sense if you were listening

  94. don ice

    don ice27 days ago

    @Rob C As an example, nicolas batum was paid a lot of money (superstar level). He can't play like he is kevin durant, or james harden, cause he thinks he is at that level cause of his contract. He still needs to play hard. Same with tristan thompson.

  95. don ice

    don ice27 days ago

    @Rob C kenny's point was the reason a lot of players are paid a lot of money is becsuse of circumstance. There is no one available, and teams need to fill what is lacking in their roster.

  96. don ice

    don ice27 days ago

    @Rob C that's only a small part of what kenny said.

  97. Anthony

    Anthony27 days ago

    More warriors content!!!

  98. MJ Kim

    MJ Kim27 days ago

    Draymond Green - 15 dimes

  99. Panda Wolf

    Panda Wolf26 days ago

    underrated passer i think tbh i really wish when he was first in the league he practiced with klay and steph so his offensive skills were elite too as for the rest of his game speaks for his self just wish he focused on his weakness more bc Curry could of used him this season with klay out at this point it’s too late but also not too late if he really has that willpower to do it

  100. J m

    J m27 days ago

    ChucK: "Love Phoenix , but I have no idea why they let Kelly Oubre go" Because we got Chris Paul??

  101. J m

    J m27 days ago

    Love Oubre tho, glad to see when he's winning

  102. fk steph curry

    fk steph curry28 days ago

    Thanks for losing mavs helps knicks get better lottery pick from yaw

  103. Swank47 Steez

    Swank47 Steez28 days ago

    Sooo... Kelly drops 40 and we wanna talk to Steph? Either kelly is a OG abd dont speak. Or somebody isnt being appreciated

  104. Anthony Long

    Anthony Long27 days ago

    If he consistently drops 30+ then maybe they will talk about him as MIP

  105. gucci jay

    gucci jay28 days ago

    Look at curry man

  106. that baller kobe

    that baller kobe28 days ago

    The Suns had to let Oubre go so they could get cp3.

  107. Nithilan Amudhan

    Nithilan Amudhan27 days ago

    They still had a chance to keep him and still get Paul

  108. Joey Wiercioch

    Joey Wiercioch27 days ago

    Still doesn’t make sense to me cp3 is still playing good but he’s 53yrs old. Oubre is 24 and has been improving every year

  109. Ericツ

    Ericツ27 days ago

    Still could’ve managed to keep em

  110. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy28 days ago

    Mavs trade KP 😄

  111. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy28 days ago

    Good game back and forth but GSW took over in the 4th 🏃

  112. Elliot Birdy

    Elliot Birdy28 days ago

    Chuck wanted all the smoke this week

  113. kut52

    kut5228 days ago

    Kenny with the dad jokes *face-palm*

  114. k Tucker

    k Tucker28 days ago

    Will Wiggins develop like Iggy??

  115. k Tucker

    k Tucker27 days ago

    I see. but his defense is developing and I think he is fitting well warriors. I hope he becomes a good player.

  116. Joshua Black

    Joshua Black27 days ago


  117. Burner Account

    Burner Account27 days ago

    Not a bad call. I don’t think he has the iq or defense of iggy, but he is a better shooter. Sorta similar players

  118. slickeddy2000

    slickeddy200027 days ago

    No Iggy was able to lead Philly to playoffs after A.I. And Denver to the playoffs as their best player.

  119. Mansoor

    Mansoor28 days ago

    thats why toronto and the spurs have been consistent. team culture.

  120. Benjamin

    Benjamin27 days ago

    Bro said toronto. Toronto hasn't been as good as san antonio in their peak years.

  121. #RemasterKH1forPS5

    #RemasterKH1forPS527 days ago

    You know Toronto is out of the playoff picture right now, right? 😂

  122. C M

    C M28 days ago

    Mavs are garbagio

  123. Lalruatkimi Ruati

    Lalruatkimi Ruati26 days ago

    They just took the W 😂👍

  124. Doffy Donquixote

    Doffy Donquixote27 days ago

    @Ronald Lim :')

  125. Ronald Lim

    Ronald Lim27 days ago

    @Doffy Donquixote 🤣🤣🤣

  126. Doffy Donquixote

    Doffy Donquixote27 days ago

    pechay baguio

  127. Jack

    Jack28 days ago

    i missed Oubre in Phx😔thanks for the fun 1 year

  128. Shadman Mahbub

    Shadman Mahbub28 days ago

    2:03 "I thought your dad was gonna say you were adopted"- Championship Chuck😂😂😂😂

  129. Hope Nyavor

    Hope Nyavor27 days ago

    These guys man!!🤣

  130. Anthony Long

    Anthony Long27 days ago

    "I love you daddy" ..."He don't love you"

  131. Evan Mao

    Evan Mao28 days ago

    If Warriors were consistent man👀👀

  132. Nana N

    Nana N26 days ago

    If every team was consistent...

  133. Diwan Roka

    Diwan Roka26 days ago

    @Justins Y's Stepbrother Wiggins been one of the few player in Gsw thats consistent for the most part.

  134. Justins Y's Stepbrother

    Justins Y's Stepbrother26 days ago

    @Vishak S and Wiggins *

  135. Vishak S

    Vishak S27 days ago

    In other words " If Oubre was consistent man👀👀"

  136. It's Yuh Boyyy

    It's Yuh Boyyy28 days ago

    Klay possessed oubre last night

  137. John Summerville

    John Summerville28 days ago

    "Steph-ortless" has a ring to it

  138. John Summerville

    John Summerville15 days ago

    @Starman82 Touche XD

  139. Alex Myree

    Alex Myree22 days ago

    Facts ❗️❗️❗️❗️

  140. Damian Ives

    Damian Ives26 days ago

    @SupaHot Whatd he do tonight?

  141. SupaHot

    SupaHot26 days ago

    @Damian Ives carried?

  142. saz19s8

    saz19s826 days ago

    @Imad stole my comment

  143. HUMBLED1

    HUMBLED128 days ago

    Look at Wardell man💙💛...

  144. HUMBLED1

    HUMBLED128 days ago

    Draymond proving why he’s so valuable to this team his iq is so phenomenal and if Kelly can be more consistent scoring this Warriors team is a serious threat😅💯

  145. Doffy Donquixote

    Doffy Donquixote27 days ago

    @el Jay so a triple single man is still overrated?? so what u want draymond get a 1point 1reb 1assist 0.1block 0.1steal? so if dray² get this is this a natural?

  146. el Jay

    el Jay27 days ago

    He's overrated

  147. Doffy Donquixote

    Doffy Donquixote27 days ago

    @AdeptX chef steph is not bron who is had trash skills with a trash mindset and had no leadership

  148. Doffy Donquixote

    Doffy Donquixote27 days ago

    no doubt

  149. Benjamin

    Benjamin27 days ago

    @AdeptX you know not every team is going to win a championship right? Competing in the playoffs mean a lot to these players and is progress if you were a lottery team.

  150. Kyle Amiro

    Kyle Amiro28 days ago

    Shaq ignoring Kenny’s DM line😂

  151. Dan Moreta

    Dan Moreta11 days ago


  152. Rodvince Tolosa

    Rodvince Tolosa26 days ago

    @Kyle Amiro ahh i thought shaq got caught sliding in someones dms using the emoji

  153. Kyle Amiro

    Kyle Amiro27 days ago

    @Rodvince Tolosa when you “put eyes in someone’s DM” it means you’re DMing a girl on Instagram and you’re basically flirting with them.

  154. Rodvince Tolosa

    Rodvince Tolosa27 days ago

    what's the context?

  155. hb B

    hb B28 days ago


  156. Sports 311

    Sports 31128 days ago

    Kelly Oubre was a Star last night

  157. z z

    z z25 days ago

    He is a career 42% from 2 and 32% from 3. I just feel he got hyped because of his hair...

  158. Wildgremlinz G

    Wildgremlinz G26 days ago

    Oubre is 🚮🚮

  159. Tristen Suvanto

    Tristen Suvanto26 days ago

    @Troy Rinehart I agree buddy was a monster in Phoenix

  160. Nana N

    Nana N26 days ago

    @Roman shut up

  161. Conch Boy Animations

    Conch Boy Animations26 days ago

    @Sup nah oubre had borderline all star potential and stretches in Phoenix, he just gotta get back, pretty sure he’s coming off an injury and not playing for months

  162. John Mahirwe

    John Mahirwe28 days ago

    Curry need to win MVP

  163. John Mahirwe

    John Mahirwe26 days ago

    @eM_See_Tv yeah they can make playoffs they need to be consistent

  164. eM_See_Tv

    eM_See_Tv27 days ago

    If they make the playoffs... I agree with you

  165. ThFcMaSoN93

    ThFcMaSoN9328 days ago

    Curry 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  166. Ahmed Warsame

    Ahmed Warsame28 days ago

    vote klay thompson for the all star game

  167. JenJay 016

    JenJay 01627 days ago


  168. Benjamin

    Benjamin27 days ago

    Klay tore his achilles and people like are voting for him to PLAY in the all star game when he's incapable of it 🤦‍♂️

  169. chris anthony

    chris anthony27 days ago

    @Eleven klay won't get in anyways so it wont be unbenifitial who would deserve it Deserving will get in regardless of gow much vote they have in compare to Thomson

  170. The Goats

    The Goats28 days ago

    @Balwant exactly

  171. Balwant

    Balwant28 days ago

    @Eleven *deaaron fox*