Bradley Beal Joins the Inside Guys After Being Named A 2021 NBA All-Star Starter | NBA on TNT

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal joined Inside the NBA to discuss becoming a first-time NBA All-Star starter.
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    PG 13PACERNATION7 days ago

    So happy for Beal Well deserving out of everyone


    AFRO JOE8 days ago

  3. Thabani Dube

    Thabani Dube8 days ago

    Jamal Murray is better than Devin Booker in every category, but the media wants to push a bias narrative

  4. J T Dehaney

    J T Dehaney9 days ago

    When i watched The Usual Suspects i said Gianfranco Esposito looked just like beal

  5. MM MM

    MM MM9 days ago

    Beal Lebron Ad would've been a nice trio

  6. Aio 1

    Aio 110 days ago

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  7. Rex Scipio

    Rex Scipio11 days ago

    Bradley, please leave and go to a contender, now. Don't wait until you are thirty like Harden and Westbrook.

  8. Tito

    Tito11 days ago


  9. PatternSon

    PatternSon11 days ago

    If this was a real team they would never lose

  10. PatternSon

    PatternSon12 days ago

    ...whelp, the East won this year! 😂 (seriously, tho. They won)

  11. LG3

    LG312 days ago

    Well deserved 👏🙌. Now I just need Beal to have an off night Monday at the Lakers.

  12. Davon Stevens

    Davon Stevens12 days ago

    I see a lot of comments from ppl who don’t watch wizards games saying he’s a good player but plays no defense. He played better defense when he played with wall but now he gets double teamed every game and he’s the only guy on the team that can get his own shot consistently. If he doesn’t give most of his energy on the offensive end then the wizards win no games at all. So yea, not denying his defensive lapses but the wizards can’t afford for him to be tired at the end of the game either. He hasn’t even hit the peak of his prime yet so it’s scary

  13. Ericツ

    Ericツ12 days ago

    MO beal

  14. Vladan Mirkovic

    Vladan Mirkovic12 days ago

    Normaly james harden is first guard 100% bat hi is trede and hi lose bekouse thath lot wotes

  15. Manimal

    Manimal12 days ago

    He’s hitting his prime now, if he can make a leap defensively he will be a perennial elite sg

  16. Davon Stevens

    Davon Stevens12 days ago

    He played better defense when he played with wall. He actually was trynna be a two way player but now he spends so much energy on offense, he doesn’t have energy for defense. Who else on the team is gonna score consistently? He gets double teamed every game. If he has no energy on offense, wizards don’t win any games

  17. Se Vang

    Se Vang12 days ago

    Bradley n Cj is always been over shine by walking and lillard, about time for man to shine, can't wait for Cj turn.

  18. shantoochee

    shantoochee12 days ago

    my man freaking deserved it, now tag lavine in the asg

  19. effetang

    effetang12 days ago

    Jaylen Brown should start over kyrie

  20. Marcus Marshall

    Marcus Marshall12 days ago

    STL !!! 💪🏾🙌🏾

  21. felixvikes28

    felixvikes2812 days ago

    Devin Booker is his name

  22. Jesse Boudreau

    Jesse Boudreau12 days ago

    So cool to hear him talk about the game slowing down for him. After how many years in the league there's always a moment for all great players where that happens. Scary to think of Zion or Ja reaching that moment one day😬

  23. Brock Ross

    Brock Ross12 days ago

    BB3 with 33

  24. Hallward Hallward

    Hallward Hallward12 days ago

    No defense lol

  25. Mladen Mijalkovic

    Mladen Mijalkovic12 days ago

    Beal in Denver with Jokic...40 average and not swet

  26. Da 6ixReactss

    Da 6ixReactss12 days ago

    As ah wizards fan im still not satisfied .. Beal doesn’t have anything to prove but he needs to be a demon more often and take what’s his ..

  27. Bob

    Bob12 days ago

    Bucks should trade Middleton, Dante D and Jordan Nwora along with 2 first round picks for Bradley Beal. The Wizards would probably accept that offer

  28. Clay Olsen

    Clay Olsen12 days ago

    Repping stl well. And chaminade!

  29. potskkx

    potskkx13 days ago

    Beal is the real deal stay ballin

  30. YSK Entertainment

    YSK Entertainment13 days ago

    Beal has all my respect, no matter if we make the playoffs or not, he a DC legend, loyalty over everything

  31. ikato kiyazaki2

    ikato kiyazaki213 days ago

    Send him to the lakers

  32. Dav

    Dav13 days ago

    Bradley beal is criminally underrated, it’s a shame he’s on one of the worst teams

  33. H Dot

    H Dot13 days ago

    Double standard analysts. Dame over luka because dame has more wins? But no hate for beal for being one of the last seeds in the east? Because he’s american and luka’s european? Come on dude

  34. purple

    purple13 days ago


  35. Lyrik Thompson

    Lyrik Thompson13 days ago

    No hate but I mean the wizards need someone to score😂harden be averaging 60 with em

  36. Siegel Gaming

    Siegel Gaming13 days ago

    His team is tanking. Why is he an all star

  37. Brandon Agnew

    Brandon Agnew13 days ago

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  38. HoxxS2

    HoxxS212 days ago

    What are you talking about Brandon?

  39. L.A. Bry

    L.A. Bry13 days ago


  40. Real Nigga

    Real Nigga13 days ago

    Dame really didn’t get allstar

  41. Aaron Kenon

    Aaron Kenon12 days ago

    He's in the West my man

  42. Bekir Büyük

    Bekir Büyük13 days ago


  43. Brandon Agnew

    Brandon Agnew13 days ago

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  44. Davidian Bros Productions

    Davidian Bros Productions13 days ago

    Good work Bradley!

  45. Ken McCarver

    Ken McCarver13 days ago


  46. Zackary Bates

    Zackary Bates13 days ago

    So happy for BB he's such a great talent!!! I most def voted for him twice!!

  47. Alonta Crout

    Alonta Crout13 days ago

    Sorry but I gotta go harden over beal

  48. MonstarX3

    MonstarX313 days ago

    well deserved

  49. Topsy Kretts

    Topsy Kretts13 days ago

    Props to Drew Hanlen for being one of the best basketball trainers for these NBA players!

  50. Bill Jack

    Bill Jack13 days ago

    Should be James Harden instead of Beal

  51. ジャッキ

    ジャッキ13 days ago

    As a wizards fan, we know he’s too good to us

  52. R Rogers

    R Rogers13 days ago


  53. Janoy Cresnova

    Janoy Cresnova13 days ago

    Why is he a starter over Harden? Dude is an empty stats player on a perennial loser team. He should be reserve at best.

  54. Omari Vaughan-Nelson

    Omari Vaughan-Nelson13 days ago

    Bc he’s better

  55. Lorenzo Bontorin

    Lorenzo Bontorin14 days ago

    Good to see how players starts to evaluate what works, and not what should analytically be working, even if it doesn't: if it works, keep doing it. Even if people says to you it's wrong. It means they don't understand what they're talking about, and should rethink their stuff instead of what is actually being effective.

  56. Ken Arthur

    Ken Arthur14 days ago

    Well deserved!!! He's lifting the Wiz from oblivion

  57. Joshua lokiatoukaysy

    Joshua lokiatoukaysy14 days ago

    Harden should of been the starter.

  58. Bo Rood

    Bo Rood14 days ago

    Putting Beal over Harden as a starter is a joke

  59. Aaron Kenon

    Aaron Kenon12 days ago

    Harden is a joke

  60. Justine Paul

    Justine Paul14 days ago


  61. Jump Shooter

    Jump Shooter14 days ago


  62. Pablo Martinez

    Pablo Martinez13 days ago

    Process of what? Destroying there cap and getting a second round exit if there lucky 🤣

  63. Southpaw Billings

    Southpaw Billings14 days ago

    “Let my game speak for itself.” 🔥

  64. Olu Opeyemi

    Olu Opeyemi14 days ago

    Idk man.. I love bradley's game but he's made it clear that he cares about the points he scores than making the other players better. How everytime you score 50+ y'all lose lol

  65. Omari Vaughan-Nelson

    Omari Vaughan-Nelson13 days ago

    Watch a Wizards game and you will see how lol, coaching is awful, players around him are suspect

  66. sticksman1979

    sticksman197914 days ago

    Brad ‘The Real Deal’ Beal.

  67. The Wizard

    The Wizard14 days ago

    He a great scorer, but if he was legit he would be dominating Eastern Conference Playoffs

  68. dispinoylovzyou

    dispinoylovzyou14 days ago

    Beals avg 30+ points a night simple no more jwall

  69. Jihoon Choe Music

    Jihoon Choe Music14 days ago

    As a fan of the game, I'm honestly happy for him. He deserves the selection and the start. Nearly averaging 33 PPG is no easy task, even if he's on a bad team.

  70. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson14 days ago

    Beal the MyCareer player that picks the humble options 💯 Respects

  71. Tucker Tuenge

    Tucker Tuenge14 days ago

    The game is not slowing down.... Beals decision making speed has increased. Whatever training and development drills he and trainers is using are working.

  72. ISO Lin

    ISO Lin14 days ago

    O'Neal :Westbrook is the best guard now in nba

  73. S H

    S H14 days ago

    Harden and Brown got snubbed

  74. cedric Bossman

    cedric Bossman14 days ago

    Harden over irving

  75. S H

    S H14 days ago

    He's avg 33pts..... on bad shooting %, playing no defense, hogging the ball all game, isn't creating open shots for his team, and as a result 13th in the East, yep definitely All Star starter level player in 2021

  76. S H

    S H12 days ago

    @Omari Vaughan-Nelson with 33% usage, he's the one handling the ball most of the time lol. In modern basketball you don't have to be a PG to create plays for ur team bum. Jokic a center he's avg 9 assists, Harden a SG he's avg 11, Doncic a SG avg 9 assists. Your statement holds no water. If he's handling the ball that much and not creating shots for his teammates then he's literally ruining his team by being a ball hog

  77. Omari Vaughan-Nelson

    Omari Vaughan-Nelson13 days ago

    The best shooting guard in the league

  78. Omari Vaughan-Nelson

    Omari Vaughan-Nelson13 days ago

    You must not have played ball, he is a shooting guard not his job to be the point guard too.

  79. Kosi Mncube

    Kosi Mncube14 days ago

    Washington DC loves Beal.

  80. 0 10

    0 1014 days ago

    Come to the Knicks

  81. Rudie Obias

    Rudie Obias14 days ago

    No James Harden?

  82. cedric Bossman

    cedric Bossman14 days ago

    Harden over Irving

  83. Shut up

    Shut up14 days ago

    I am happy for him but he must have got a lot of votes because he was snubbed last year. He would have made all star anyway, doesn't really matter if you're a starter or on the bench.

  84. papagrande GDT

    papagrande GDT14 days ago

    Of course should of got in last year but very efficient player Lbj beal Ad soon

  85. Pravesh Sharma

    Pravesh Sharma14 days ago

    Kyrie Irving really? many game he has played

  86. Lloyd Taylor

    Lloyd Taylor12 days ago

    He played 11 games in college and went number 1 😂 jokes aside he’s hooping 50 40 90

  87. Ahh Bhris

    Ahh Bhris13 days ago

    I mean whenever he does play mans dropping 40

  88. K.O Limitless

    K.O Limitless13 days ago

    thats what i was saying. I know his averages are good but there no way i think he should be a starter but its the all star game so honestly we shouldnt care much

  89. Aaron Wright

    Aaron Wright14 days ago

    The question is...will he keep a chip on his shoulder now? I want them to go on a playoff push.

  90. James Royster III

    James Royster III14 days ago

    How Kyrie made it over Lavine after missing like 8 games is beyond me

  91. Alberto Esquilin

    Alberto Esquilin14 days ago

    Can’t say the wizards are disappointing when this is where I’d thought they would be. But congratulations to Beal

  92. Lakers In 5

    Lakers In 514 days ago

    Congrats young man.

  93. mcidiotmc

    mcidiotmc14 days ago

    Team record should have nothing to do with all star. That's how you get draymond and Lowry every year

  94. Kyle Lowry

    Kyle Lowry11 days ago

    @mcidiotmc I been consistent when playoffs comes around

  95. mcidiotmc

    mcidiotmc14 days ago

    @Tyrues I wanna watch Lowry and draymond in big games, but not in all star games. Really valuable players, but not all stars. Not showcase type players

  96. Charles Moore

    Charles Moore14 days ago


  97. Tyrues

    Tyrues14 days ago

    That doesn't rly make sense since the warriors has been one of top seed in the west except for last year and even though draymond is a good play maker he isn't an all star caliber player as an individual, and the raptors have also been one of the top seed in the east except for this year

  98. Aditya Sharma

    Aditya Sharma14 days ago

    No Problem Beal. We will vote for you, but leave the wizards.

  99. Aqueel Kadri

    Aqueel Kadri14 days ago

    I loved the fact that he gave a shoutout to the mid range shot and threw a little shade in towards the "analytics guys". The best part about it is that he is leading the league in scoring so the analysts can't really prove him wrong.

  100. Only Football

    Only Football14 days ago



    HIP HOP HUB TV14 days ago

  102. Chris

    Chris14 days ago

    chuck straight up disrespectful of the wizards "i been on bad teams before" Beal handled that like a pro.

  103. Otis Lea

    Otis Lea12 days ago

    @ChillDoc are you dumb? He's good at defense when he wants to be. He just decides not to.

  104. ChillDoc

    ChillDoc12 days ago

    @The Ultimate Are you dumb? Westbrick can't guard a tree

  105. Chicken Man

    Chicken Man14 days ago

    @RICAN LEGEND yea I don’t really think u should tell a player his team is bad straight to his face cuz that’s awkward af

  106. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate14 days ago

    Unless we match up with the nets, then Westbrook will drop about 50 and will hold Durant to about 20 every game.


    RICAN LEGEND14 days ago

    It’s the truth, the wizards are garbage and if they somehow make the playoffs they would be lucky to lose by single digits when they get swept

  108. The Ghost Records

    The Ghost Records14 days ago

    Real deal Bradley Beal ❤

  109. Philip Aguila

    Philip Aguila13 days ago

    @The Ghost Records your mom

  110. The Ghost Records

    The Ghost Records14 days ago

    @Philip Aguila who cares what? I do care that my 2nd favourite player are in the all-star game.

  111. Philip Aguila

    Philip Aguila14 days ago

    Who cares

  112. Don Zaxos

    Don Zaxos14 days ago

    akward moment for beal 2:21

  113. Umzou Tete

    Umzou Tete11 days ago

    Not really! Chuck was being honest and keeping it 💯

  114. Gerald Baria

    Gerald Baria14 days ago

    Well deserved. 👏 Pls join Giannis.😁

  115. Zatora11

    Zatora1114 days ago

    Only way he was for sure gonna make it if he was voted in as an all star starter

  116. Brett Spier

    Brett Spier14 days ago

    I’m assuming Beal on the wizards is 100% IDENTICAL to Mitch Richmond stuck on the kings in the 90’s smh it should be a crime

  117. Aaron Kenon

    Aaron Kenon12 days ago

    Melo with the nuggets

  118. lawrence valentino

    lawrence valentino14 days ago

    Portland is top 4, lillard is in the mvp race, and he is not a starter in the all star??

  119. Andrea Aimable

    Andrea Aimable14 days ago

    I am super happy for the guys, especially Bradley Beal. He deserves it.

  120. Mizchief

    Mizchief14 days ago

    Kudos to Drew halen, almost all of the players he trained are now having an amazing season.. form tatum,embid,beal,Jordan Clarkson, zach lavine etc...

  121. David Atlas

    David Atlas13 days ago

    ya. I'm doing his egt training program rn its been one of the best things for me

  122. Adaam Hidrey

    Adaam Hidrey14 days ago

    I swear Kenny asks dumb questions

  123. mcidiotmc

    mcidiotmc14 days ago

    Yeah I love when simple people try to sound deep lol

  124. Chris

    Chris14 days ago


  125. MArk -One

    MArk -One14 days ago

    Im so high for beal in miami go get rid of tyler and stop falling inlove with these players pat.

  126. GQ30

    GQ3014 days ago

    The trailblazers should of been trade cj for this guy. That was on the table like two years ago.

  127. Will Zimmermann

    Will Zimmermann14 days ago

    I know knicks fans don't want to give up any of there fan favs like quick,rj, obi and Mitch but I think a package of rivers or payton, ntilikina and a knox or noel for beal and lopez or some big man on the wiz would be a fair deal for both sides on obviously two or three swaps and picks as well

  128. Kxnsh

    Kxnsh14 days ago

    Mama we made it

  129. Tristan dela Pena

    Tristan dela Pena14 days ago

    Brad Beal is one of the most humble guys in the league

  130. Mustafa Mohamud

    Mustafa Mohamud6 days ago

    @Matics curry??

  131. Andrea Aimable

    Andrea Aimable12 days ago

    I totally agree with you.

  132. Matics

    Matics13 days ago

    Definitely!!!! The nicest and the most humble player I have ever seen!!!

  133. Jesvin Mathew

    Jesvin Mathew13 days ago

    That's what playing for wizards does to you

  134. Josh Stixx Fata

    Josh Stixx Fata14 days ago

    So nobody gone say nothing about that shadow on Kenny’s head

  135. PC_OnDrills

    PC_OnDrills14 days ago


  136. DaKlaw Kawhi-is-better

    DaKlaw Kawhi-is-better14 days ago

    Bro thats his hair

  137. 3 0 1

    3 0 114 days ago



    BLACK DAMIAN14 days ago

    The only person that can raise his point average during a interview

  139. Jr So

    Jr So14 days ago

    #FreeBeal Hopefully he can go to the Bucks after Coah Bud is fired I want to see this man get himself a ring.