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The Inside Story begins March 4 on TNT!
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  1. wadecountybabe

    wadecountybabe5 hours ago

    I missed it😭😭 where can I see the full episode?

  2. Chris Li

    Chris LiHour ago

    Would also like to have a link shared my way please

  3. SkeetersPage

    SkeetersPage12 hours ago

    Just watched Act 1 of the doc. Underdog, put this in a box set.

  4. RickRoss TheBoss281

    RickRoss TheBoss28114 hours ago

    *Dying wish: to meet the crew*

  5. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill7 days ago

    Protect these guys at all cost

  6. Marie Smith

    Marie Smith7 days ago

    Man, I cant wait for this!!!!!!

  7. Scruff D0g

    Scruff D0g8 days ago

    Sometimes I just watch inside the NBA and not the game

  8. Aneesh Gada

    Aneesh Gada8 days ago


  9. King AceVEVO

    King AceVEVO8 days ago


  10. Noah Alcalde

    Noah Alcalde11 days ago

    I hope they discuss "victoria's a secret!"

  11. Mandown Mandown

    Mandown Mandown15 days ago

    I can’t wait ‼️💯 love watching these guys

  12. MonkGoneGamer

    MonkGoneGamer16 days ago

    Cant wait

  13. NZ Toy Reviews

    NZ Toy Reviews16 days ago

    OMGOSH 🤯 ... this will be EPIC!! 🤩👍✨

  14. Mitch

    Mitch17 days ago


  15. Haroon Nawaz

    Haroon Nawaz18 days ago

    Unsullied by sponsorship since 1989

  16. Redwarrior11

    Redwarrior1119 days ago

    Run through the tape!

  17. mienzillaz

    mienzillaz19 days ago

    Hey TNT, where I can watch it outside US?

  18. CleverMan

    CleverMan19 days ago

    Totally worth it.

  19. J S

    J S19 days ago

    One of my favorite shows of all time

  20. Michael Marks

    Michael Marks19 days ago

    This is gonna be soooo good

  21. SetionoShorty

    SetionoShorty19 days ago

    Hands down the greatest sport show that i've ever watch. Putting these 4 together on a same table is freaking genius!

  22. Sheng Chen

    Sheng Chen19 days ago

    Charles barkley is the only reason I watch this show. The humor he provided over the years is priceless. Great entertainment!

  23. David D.

    David D.20 days ago

    This show is like a good wine. It's getting better and better every year. Peace from France :)

  24. Rai Sil

    Rai Sil20 days ago

    Yo, I still remember when Kenny tried to jump the car like Kobe did and how that turned out!!! Still one of the funniest things I ever saw on the show. Even had Kobe weak 😂 😆

  25. Jalen .12

    Jalen .1220 days ago

    Can’t wait

  26. Waves in The5

    Waves in The520 days ago


  27. Waves in The5

    Waves in The520 days ago


  28. Joe Mejia

    Joe Mejia20 days ago

    This looks crazy

  29. Trey Anderson

    Trey Anderson20 days ago

    Best Doc since The Last Dance

  30. BuriedSniper

    BuriedSniper20 days ago

    this is going to be amazing!!!!!

  31. Tony S

    Tony S20 days ago

    For the love of god can we get them to cover the finals for one year

  32. Fontrella Cole

    Fontrella Cole20 days ago

    Can't wait! Believe me, you guys got me into basketball ball during Covid last year. I have never watched a basketball game until last year. I was only a football and soccer girl. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  33. Curlyfriesdelicious

    Curlyfriesdelicious21 day ago

    1:27 what happened to Ernie their?

  34. rudycenaronaldo

    rudycenaronaldo21 day ago

    I got more interested in Basketball because of this show and Open Court. Been watching their highlights and compilations since 11th grade and I'll be finishing college next year. Thank you Inside guys for the entertainment and basketball insight.

  35. Lorenzo Dawkins

    Lorenzo Dawkins21 day ago

    They should’ve been done this

  36. Alan Brabender

    Alan Brabender21 day ago

    The day they split up will be a sad day tbh hope it doesn’t come anytime soon

  37. jim page

    jim page21 day ago

    Is it going to be on another streaming service?

  38. Rossenvier Dulay

    Rossenvier Dulay21 day ago

    Shaq destroyed this show

  39. TC Wong

    TC Wong21 day ago

    I am watching more Inside than NBA games now...

  40. Hazdude

    Hazdude21 day ago

    Love this show!

  41. jester tamonan

    jester tamonan21 day ago

    Javale McGee!!!

  42. jester tamonan

    jester tamonan21 day ago

    Chuck on San Antonio women please!!!!

  43. AH Bloemhoff

    AH Bloemhoff21 day ago

    I miss Chris Webber. It was hilarious how he ran through the tape. Also: I want more Open Court!

  44. Craigslist Reply

    Craigslist Reply21 day ago

    this is gonna be as good as the last dance

  45. Edgar Casillas

    Edgar Casillas21 day ago


  46. TGA_ Gaming

    TGA_ Gaming21 day ago

    This is gonna be great

  47. Steven Wilcox

    Steven Wilcox21 day ago

    Where can you watch this in the UK?

  48. Uncle Buckle

    Uncle Buckle21 day ago

    “Am I cut?!”

  49. Roi Rabeje

    Roi Rabeje21 day ago

    MUST WATCH!!! 💯

  50. Junior Villanueva

    Junior Villanueva21 day ago

    Shaq does try to hard

  51. Jamirimaj

    Jamirimaj21 day ago

    It's a comedic talk show whose conmercials are mostly basketball clips to promote the NBA

  52. Peter Xia

    Peter Xia21 day ago

    This gonna be good. Cant wait!

  53. iamnastyd

    iamnastyd21 day ago

    This I'm definitely not missing.

  54. shadi al sheikh

    shadi al sheikh21 day ago

    the guy with the white hair saying "i just prop my feet up and say entertain me guys"...that's what the fans say with each episode, and that's the only 100% "guaranteed" from CHUCK...we r going to laugh our a***es out loud with SHAQ & CHUCK on a roundtable.

  55. Sap Pateel

    Sap Pateel21 day ago

    I’m so freakin excited for this!

  56. fastlap99

    fastlap9921 day ago

    I think that one of the things that make Inside so great that many people don't realize is that it only runs during basketball season. Because of that, they don't have to make up stuff to talk about to fill for time. They just talk about what's happening, no wasting time making up crazy trade/free agent scenarios. And because of that, the fun non-basketball segments feel much more organic, and not forced.

  57. marc man

    marc man21 day ago

    Hope they would upload full shows in YT.

  58. Ryan Schuette

    Ryan Schuette21 day ago

    If this documentary doesn't have any behind the scenes for Chuck's Phoenix rant I'm going to be disappointed

  59. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts21 day ago

    Why you never buy a woman a watch Chuck? Cause there’s a clock on the stove

  60. First Last

    First Last21 day ago

    Chuck at 0:44 Nothing but facts 💯

  61. TheWolf_ GAMER

    TheWolf_ GAMER21 day ago

    LEGENDS ONLY 🙌 🙌 🙌 🥀🌹🌹🕊

  62. Jeremy Chavez Alvarez

    Jeremy Chavez Alvarez21 day ago

    Honestly the best times on the show isn’t when they’re talking about Basketball; it’s when they’re just goofing around being themselves. I LOVE THIS SHOW 🔥🙌🏻🙏🏼❤️

  63. Carl angel Legaspi

    Carl angel Legaspi21 day ago

    The one thing in common trait they all have is that they are all bald

  64. Life Of Brandon

    Life Of Brandon21 day ago

    Talk to some of my friends in Detroit said they hurry up and get that wall up so the pistons can’t come back. 😂

  65. Micheal Kelly

    Micheal Kelly21 day ago

    Should have Gary Payton as permanent memeber

  66. MustardOnTheBeatHo

    MustardOnTheBeatHo21 day ago

    You better not have somebody announce their retirement at the end of this.. idk if my heart can take it man.

  67. kawaiiafangirl

    kawaiiafangirl21 day ago

    I've watched this show ever since it was just EJ, Kenny, and Charles w/ Magic, and later, Reggie Miller and Chris Webber coming in. Honestly, I sometimes watch Inside the NBA highlights on the internet more than the actual games they broadcast.

  68. Nave Dahan

    Nave Dahan21 day ago

    "Its supposed to be 1 2 3 not 1 2 back to 1"😂😂

  69. Simon Park

    Simon Park21 day ago

    1:43 Lol for a split second I thought D'angelo Russell shaved his head.

  70. Da Chief

    Da Chief21 day ago

    Shaq almost got fired?!

  71. martynpotter21

    martynpotter2121 day ago

    this is a bigger story than those ol' women in San Antonio

  72. greg kotsifakis

    greg kotsifakis21 day ago

    TNT let's them be themselves when I'm sure no other network would have. It's amazing and I never thought I would be excited for a half time show until these guy's

  73. Teej Coile

    Teej Coile21 day ago

    Match of the Day & Hockey Night in Canada are more iconic sports shows cmon now TNT

  74. Dutch Plan Der Linde

    Dutch Plan Der Linde21 day ago

    Run through the tape! In life! Never give up, run through the tape.

  75. Andy Sanchez

    Andy Sanchez21 day ago

    1:26 what is that ???? What happened to his neck 😳 didn't even know this bro

  76. Roland Ortega

    Roland Ortega21 day ago

    He had cancer before Fought through it

  77. Kurt Cometa

    Kurt Cometa21 day ago

    Second-best sports documentary series behind "The Last Dance" imo

  78. J Powell

    J Powell21 day ago

    Shaq: They told me to be myself Donavan Mitchell Dwight Howard : Javale Mcgee "That's when I took it personally"

  79. Jeffrey Pillow

    Jeffrey Pillow21 day ago

    Greatest show of all-time and I grew up on MacGyver.

  80. Morales

    Morales21 day ago

    I wish there was a "SUPER like👍" button

  81. Ty Dgls

    Ty Dgls21 day ago

    Why do I feel like this is the end of these 4 great guys?

  82. Julian Smith

    Julian Smith21 day ago

    I love those gone 🐟 segments during the NBA playoffs

  83. Kinshasa PR.

    Kinshasa PR.21 day ago

    Easily, by far and hands down the most entertaining show in sports history!

  84. George

    George21 day ago

    Pause the video at exactly 1:42 😂 gotta love it.

  85. JB Tiamson

    JB Tiamson21 day ago

    They finally gonna air this documentary. Thank God.

  86. Ismael Moreno Avila

    Ismael Moreno Avila21 day ago

    Victoria’s Secret is a secret for those Big O’l women in San Antonio

  87. Sam Sargent

    Sam Sargent21 day ago

    The show wouldn’t be successful without Elevator Ernie Johnson. He better get the credit he deserves

  88. Joey Hernandez

    Joey Hernandez7 hours ago

    Who’s not giving him credit ? the entire sports world loves and appreciates Ernie the GOAT Johnson

  89. Worldwide Wyatt

    Worldwide Wyatt20 days ago

    Ernie has 3 Emmy’s. He’s the GOAT and we all already know this.

  90. MD Photography

    MD Photography21 day ago

    I’m def watching this. Ernie, Chuck, Shaq and other guy really make up an entertaining show. I watched it not NBA, but rather the humor.

  91. D Starszn

    D Starszn21 day ago

    Top 5 current sports presenters/analysts in no particular order... Ernie, Chuck, Shaq, Kenny and Shannon sharpe.

  92. Jonathan Muldrow

    Jonathan Muldrow21 day ago

    I don't wanna see this. Things like this happen when it's over or they're having a reunion. Inside The NBA can never die.

  93. Adam Rogero

    Adam Rogero21 day ago

    Can you cut the parts with Kenny out?

  94. Ömer Koşar

    Ömer Koşar21 day ago

    Inside the NBA is the best show ever.

  95. John Leo Algo

    John Leo Algo21 day ago

    This is honestly the most interesting upcoming show on television these days.

  96. adel abdelrahman

    adel abdelrahman21 day ago

    What’s your top moment from this show?

  97. adel abdelrahman

    adel abdelrahman21 day ago

    I literally cannnnnnot wait for this


    IMOLDGREGG25221 day ago

    Greatest sports show out there and I say this as a fan from the UK. Entertainment beyond basketball with 4 guys with real chemistry. They even get the somber reflective moments perfect; Stuart Scott, Craig Sager and of course Kobe Bryant. Beyond the brilliant basketball content something about this show just speaks to me as a fan and allows me to forget the world and enjoy some escapism. Long live Inside The NBA!

  99. Marcus Wood

    Marcus Wood21 day ago

    My two favorite moments both with Chuck one when they went to the guaranteed board and he said two guys with Maga hats 🤣🤣🤣 and when he told shaq that wasn't all his kids during their intro

  100. Sp3cko Gaming

    Sp3cko Gaming21 day ago

    I think it’s gonna be some furniture moving during this documentary. What y’all think?

  101. Saiyanblue4

    Saiyanblue421 day ago

    W 🎸🔥🔥

  102. Nou Summertime

    Nou Summertime21 day ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Can't freakin wait!!!

  103. Simply Luis

    Simply Luis21 day ago

    The anticipation is real

  104. stockix

    stockix21 day ago

    BRING BACK C WEBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!