10 Years of Shaqtin | Shaqtin’ A Fool

Relive some of the best of the worst Shaqtin moments from the last ten years.
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  1. Marko lino

    Marko lino15 hours ago

    Hey come on man! Where is otto Potter? The best of all time. And javale McGee? Are you serious? 😱🙄

  2. Matt Raymond

    Matt Raymond9 days ago

    Back when the didn't over edit the videos, they were so much better

  3. Nyx Dcruz

    Nyx Dcruz22 days ago

    1:25 kobe :(

  4. Owen

    Owen23 days ago

    That Walker celebration was just as good as when Nick Young did his early

  5. Mshall S

    Mshall S24 days ago


  6. John Pettus

    John Pettus24 days ago

    The professional basketball player who doesn't know how taking a ball out works. How is that possible.

  7. Fatinum Luciano

    Fatinum Luciano24 days ago

    Just not the same without Shaqs corny jokes and Ernie giggling at them

  8. kingsley kpabitey

    kingsley kpabitey24 days ago

    Would have been very disappointed if Westbrook had not made an appearance but where is McGee?

  9. Gabriel Alves

    Gabriel Alves25 days ago

    Man I need context for that Eric Gordon one. That's literally the only that I cannot understand how it happened. It just doesn't make sense to me

  10. Mika Hakinnen

    Mika Hakinnen25 days ago

    0:52 Bulls: "Let's sign Otto Porter".

  11. Riiif Alhoceima

    Riiif Alhoceima25 days ago

    1:50 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  12. 못먹어도고

    못먹어도고25 days ago

    난데 없이 크블ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. SpartanBudu

    SpartanBudu26 days ago

    Not ONE JaVale McGee clip?!! He's the king!! 😳🤯

  14. Marcusce20

    Marcusce2026 days ago

    This ain't the same without the commentary

  15. Raine Phachoumphone

    Raine Phachoumphone26 days ago

    Of course number 7 flop. God sure didnt control that game

  16. Cadi

    Cadi26 days ago

    아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 갑분 크블 뭔데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. Danny Lovell

    Danny Lovell26 days ago

    What’s the shaqtin’ moment at :45 ? I just wanna known

  18. Republika Dugave

    Republika Dugave26 days ago

    Ten year already?

  19. Parthak Awasthi

    Parthak Awasthi26 days ago

    How is it without javale mcgee?

  20. TrainsOnGoPro 2015

    TrainsOnGoPro 201526 days ago

    01:29 Kobe!!!

  21. fvpbz54

    fvpbz5426 days ago

    I'm surprise there was no... JAVAAAALLLE MCGEEEEEEE

  22. K L

    K L26 days ago

    Shaq is Trash

  23. Mathi

    Mathi26 days ago

    Seriously, what went through WESTBROOK's mind to take a STOLL like that ? And GS players hypocritically asking him "What are you doing ?", as if they were his teammates and concerned about his mental health :)

  24. MoneyMakinMitch

    MoneyMakinMitch26 days ago

    The fact that I remember all of these 🤣

  25. George K.

    George K.27 days ago

    0:56 when the coach makes you play with THAT kid

  26. Frank Joseph

    Frank Joseph27 days ago

    someone explain 0:52

  27. Dennis Rodman

    Dennis Rodman27 days ago

    0:13 Humba Humba~

  28. Chin Keat Yein Jewelx

    Chin Keat Yein Jewelx27 days ago

    So Funny 😂

  29. Jaeden Sports

    Jaeden Sports27 days ago

    Literally every shaqtin video I get a papa John’s ad.

  30. Double M On Tha Beat

    Double M On Tha Beat27 days ago


  31. SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione

    SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione27 days ago

    1:00 im still dont know why

  32. Globetrotter 4FR

    Globetrotter 4FR27 days ago

    0:27 gotta love Currys Face

  33. MG

    MG27 days ago

    should be javale but he is crybaby

  34. dcpantou

    dcpantou27 days ago

    It's just not the same without the commentaries and graphics

  35. john de gracia

    john de gracia27 days ago

    Tucker, westbrook and porter are the all time great shaqtin🤣🤣

  36. Shu Wing Leung

    Shu Wing Leung27 days ago

    Let's give Tristan Thompson some credit: he did cross up Ben Simmons.


    KA HIM FUNG27 days ago

    really fool

  38. Baby blue

    Baby blue27 days ago

    HELLO, NBA - From Korea Basketball League.

  39. luz mabait

    luz mabait27 days ago


  40. Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson27 days ago

    It’s so weird seeing crowds

  41. Rockland's Finest

    Rockland's Finest27 days ago

    We need a Shaqtin' a fool what was you thinking Q&A.🤣

  42. ARR L

    ARR L27 days ago

    10 years = 2 minutes? Garbage

  43. 夜色朦胧

    夜色朦胧27 days ago


  44. D Starszn

    D Starszn27 days ago

    For the Westbrook clip, commentator said, "I hope we gotta a clip of this"... in a room full of 100s of cameras 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  45. RockWei

    RockWei27 days ago

    PJ Tucker moment was Hilarious 😂😂😂

  46. Jeff Acuña

    Jeff Acuña27 days ago

    Where's the king ?!! I mean javale 😅

  47. Getshrekt408

    Getshrekt40827 days ago

    Ironic got a papa johns commercial before the video started lol

  48. Maven Frankeus

    Maven Frankeus27 days ago

    Rudy Gobert touching the microphones is the dumbest thing in NBA history...

  49. George Yeh

    George Yeh27 days ago

    Remember when McGee was in all of these episodes? Love watching the guy play but man he had some blunders 😂

  50. laura baylor

    laura baylor27 days ago

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  51. Victor Hernandez

    Victor Hernandez27 days ago

    Where was JAVALE McGEE!

  52. SpaceTurtle

    SpaceTurtle27 days ago

    Yay! WNBA highlights!!

  53. 孙嘉琦

    孙嘉琦27 days ago

    Where's Otto pilot?

  54. dafuqawew

    dafuqawew27 days ago

    10 years , cant believe how time flies so fast

  55. Tyler Kane

    Tyler Kane27 days ago

    That Walker play will never not be my favorite play in all of NBA history

  56. AndyTheGreat

    AndyTheGreat27 days ago

    Would’ve preferred with the shaq overlay

  57. classof2010president

    classof2010president27 days ago

    PJ tucker was thinking about shoes 😂

  58. Michael Smithwick

    Michael Smithwick27 days ago

    The stupendous preface technically command because faucet whitely guarantee modulo a oafish existence. elated, innocent care

  59. LG3

    LG327 days ago

    Decker proving white men can't jump...or even attempt in his case.

  60. Yeser Naif

    Yeser Naif27 days ago

    Where is Javale? The shaqtin 🐐

  61. kolton45

    kolton4527 days ago

    The Bulls saw Otto do that and said "yeah , we need to trade for him"

  62. JuiceTheKidhi

    JuiceTheKidhi27 days ago


  63. Romel Delosa

    Romel Delosa27 days ago

    Where are those Javale Mcgee clips ? 😂😂😂

  64. Ravjit Dhugga

    Ravjit Dhugga27 days ago

    This was misssing the mvp

  65. Peppe 1985

    Peppe 198527 days ago

    Kobe ❤️

  66. Pepito Sbazzeguti

    Pepito Sbazzeguti27 days ago

    No Javale? 😕😕

  67. CringeBoi

    CringeBoi27 days ago

    Not gonna lie, Shaqtin hasn't been the same since the 17-18 season, I just hate the new format where it's really just photoshopping barkley's head onto moments and calling it funny

  68. MoneyMakinMitch

    MoneyMakinMitch26 days ago

    Old shaqtin was definitely funnier facts

  69. Die Hard Raider Fan

    Die Hard Raider Fan27 days ago

    Again these guys are making Good Money and doing this!

  70. ToHellwithYou

    ToHellwithYou28 days ago

    There's a big missing part in here...🤨🤔

  71. JAM229

    JAM22927 days ago

    Javaaaaaale McGee!

  72. Jhake Leunova

    Jhake Leunova28 days ago


  73. Razvan Mihalache

    Razvan Mihalache28 days ago

    only the real ones remember Javale

  74. Shy LaBuff

    Shy LaBuff28 days ago

    You had to have played basketball growing up to understand how funny some of these really are

  75. Mike Tang

    Mike Tang28 days ago

    The terrific dream gully depend because fir visually ruin like a teeny-tiny man. strong, incompetent space

  76. JAM229

    JAM22927 days ago

    The last sidewalk alternatively blind because wrench apparently agree toward a learned community. whole, flat title

  77. YoogiNation

    YoogiNation28 days ago

    Otto Porter the GOAT Shaqtin moment

  78. BBallCreator Gaming

    BBallCreator Gaming28 days ago

    Wow 10 years of laughs! And I've been more than 5 years doing the same on NBA 2K!

  79. Rafael de Miranda

    Rafael de Miranda28 days ago

    No Javale on this compilation? Bruh

  80. zmanapush

    zmanapush28 days ago

    JaVAAAAAAAaaaaale McGEEEEEEeeeeeeee

  81. King Dami

    King Dami28 days ago

    Bledsoe 😂😭

  82. 2 Train

    2 Train28 days ago

    Javaaaiiiiiiir balllllll

  83. c.K Marc.

    c.K Marc.28 days ago

    10 years edition and no McGee?

  84. RedCorn

    RedCorn28 days ago

    We all know who should’ve been on here #bumass

  85. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee28 days ago

    #1 Shaqtin: Shaq's ego.

  86. Paulo Andraus

    Paulo Andraus28 days ago

    i didnt understand what happened at 0:47 captain, please

  87. MoneyMakinMitch

    MoneyMakinMitch26 days ago

    His controller died

  88. Christopher Gruenke

    Christopher Gruenke27 days ago

    The defender on the left(Otto Porter) was frozen for like 3 seconds while his man was cutting towards the 3-point line.

  89. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson28 days ago

    JaVale can now rest easy 😌

  90. Aivsz Kho

    Aivsz Kho28 days ago

    Otto Porter defense!!!

  91. Markus Pokieser

    Markus Pokieser28 days ago


  92. Tet Plays

    Tet Plays28 days ago

    so before nick y, there was kemba? LOL

  93. kenneth karl laguerta

    kenneth karl laguerta28 days ago

    Dekker : tragic bronson alert.

  94. ScotLaRoc PQ

    ScotLaRoc PQ28 days ago

    Shaqtin needs to be longer

  95. M T

    M T28 days ago

    Shaqtin' a fool without Shaq's commentary is just bloopers

  96. ParkinGlass

    ParkinGlass28 days ago

    Looking for Tony Parker double airball hahahha

  97. Cameron Clark

    Cameron Clark28 days ago

    Oladipo was still on the Thunder in that Westbrook clip. That feels like it was soooo long ago

  98. andymlakcs

    andymlakcs28 days ago

    No shaqtin MVP Javale??

  99. panetero

    panetero28 days ago

    That was a foul on TT, he was expecting the call and he got nothing, so he lost the plot.

  100. Jave Boyboy

    Jave Boyboy28 days ago

    Bro this doesn’t even cover the best Shaqtins, give the people what they want!!

  101. jasper estrada

    jasper estrada28 days ago

    Awwwww man, RIP Kobe at 1:27

  102. TDH24Live

    TDH24Live28 days ago

    I don't know what Tristan Thompson thought he was doing.

  103. ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος

    ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος28 days ago

    Shaqtin’ A Fool without James Harden and javale mcgee is food without salt

  104. NateModo Dragon

    NateModo Dragon28 days ago

    That PJ Tucker thing still makes me mad and I’m not even a Rockets fan lol

  105. joel britton

    joel britton28 days ago

    It makes me mad that the goat 🐐 of shaqin is not on here...JAVALE MCGEEE